whats a good team for the battle tower in pokemon diamond i keep loosing?

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    There are a variety of Pokemon that appear in the Battle Tower, so try and limit your weakness as much as possible. For example, I have a Snorlax, its only weakness is fighting, and it can't hurt a ghost. So I taught it crunch, now it can defeat ghosts. I also taught it psychic, now it can defeat fighting types. So if you find Pokemon like that and give them specialized attacks, it will increase your chances of winning. Also, don't use pokemon with a lot of weaknesses, like a rock type. Rock types are weak against water, ground, fight, steel, and grass. So they have five weaknesses, not a good choice in battle. If you have a team with few weaknesses that are able to be cancelled out by one another, then you'll have a better chance. For example, if you have a Snorlax, which is weak against fight types, then you should have a flying or psychic type to swap out and take the opponent out. Unless your Snorlax knows Psychic or another move that is strong against fight types. There is one more thing that needs to be considered, stats. If you have a team of say predominately attack-based pokemon, then you'll have very little defense, and could probably go down in one hit. So try and mix it up some. If say you have an attack or special attack based Pokemon, then it needs to be fast, so it can get a powerful hit on the opponent, perhaps KOing it one hit. Then if you have a slow Pokemon, make sure it has a high defense or special defense, so even though it'll strike last, it will not do too much damage. So coordinating types and stats are the best way to make a good team. Here's an example of what I have:

    Snorlax w/ Life Orb:

    Low Speed

    High Sp. Defense

    High HP


    Giga Impact


    Body Slam

    Items won't decide a battle, but they will help. Snorlax has a life orb because that increases its attack power at the cost of some HP every turn, and since it has high HP, it doesn't do much, and its high sp. defense and decent defense make it difficult to KO with one or two hits. Stat raising attacks are also helpful if you know how to properly use them, but again, will not always decide a battle.

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    Since you will be facing a variety of trainers, build a team that has a ballance of power and speed attacks. I don't usually try to lower defense or stats unless the attack that I use has an effect after it hits. Try a mix with all 3 base types of fire, water and grass. You can also mix in a dragon type or fighting type for good power attacks.

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