losers and hypocrites?

why is it when someone calls themselves a loser folks get all "you shouldnt say that about yourself" and "your not a loser" etc etc but when they are talking about somebody else its ok to call them a loser? case in point is myself. a big huge flipping loser. no job no car never even learned to drive live at home fat ugly slighty retarded painfully shy and socially awkward but when ever i wear my shirt that i wrote loser on or my necklace that says loser i get all these awws and why do you feel that way? but if we was talking about someone else in the same boat as i am its all "yeah hes a total loser" what the fudge?


i would consider myself a good person and i do like helping people and have and im really comfortable being a loser it doesnt really bother so much as it bothers other people when i say so

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    There are people that have a job still a loser, a car still a loser , Can drive to the far ends of the world still a loser, have their own place still a loser, skinny as a pencil and still a loser, and been told their I.Q, is off the scales, so very ostentatious that sugar drips from their every word. Not being able to do or have all these things does not make you be a loser, There are no perfect people we all lack in something if you are unable to do what it takes to have or do any of these things why would you say such nagative things about yourself.I think a big loser is a person that sits around and is quite able to do for him or her self and feel the world owns them something. I don't feel you are a loser I feel you are angry very angry and maybe you have a right to be.You did not elaborate on your condition I used to be a direct care provider part time, and some of our people worked they didn't make $100 dollars a day but it gave them some independence self worth and respect for themselves, there are all kinds of work shops out there for the disable and they transport you back and forth to work.As far as being heavy hon that is up to you. Why don't you start today making a commitment to your self to change what you can change to start working on some self esteem maybe it would help if you don't concern your self with what other people call others , but what you call yourself. In my heart i hope things get better for you and I am not being hypocritical just really concern for you.

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    haha.. what a mind-boggling situation. i dont think ur as "big huge flipping loser. no job no car never even learned to drive live at home fat ugly slighty retarded painfully shy and socially awkward " as you claim. =) mm basically, humans are just fickle-minded people who change their minds all the time.

    im also trying to figure out this species too.

    gd luck n relax =D

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    Well... you know... sure you have all these things going against you... and yes... some would call you a looser for it. However, if you are a good person and like to help others... then you are not a looser. Your a good person in a bad situation. Try to get yourself into a position where you dont feel like you need to call yourself a looser. You deserve better out of life. Good luck and Happy Holidays. (Its not ok to call someone else a looser either by the way)

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