I was wondering who got out on Project Runway? Was it the nut, or what?

I would really appreciate it if you would tell me. I fell asleep right in the middle of the show. thanks :).


I was forced to take nyquil because I'm really sick. So I was DRUGGED!

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    It was Carmen

    She made a horrible pair of pants, a lousy jacket and had no time for a shirt, so she draped some blue fabric on the model. The nut wasn't even in the bottom three.

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    Carmen was Auf'd

    Jack won the Challenge

    And Ricky was in the bottom 2 as well.

    Carmen didn't have time to make her shirt so just wrapped the fabric around the models neck like a scarf . It wasn't pretty come Judgment Time !

    The Judges felt that most of the Designs were not properly fitted .And some were really sloppy.

    Sweet P's shirt collar was a mess !

    Ricky's suit was held together by safety pins. It was crazy !

    But you can see for yourself a picture is worth a thousand words sometimes the link below provides pictures of the winning and loosing designs.

    1 Jillian, 2 CARMEN, 3 Christian, 4 Kit, 5 Rami, 6 Sweet P, 7 Kevin, 8 RICKY, 9 Steve, 10 JACK, 11 Victorya, 12 Chris, 13 Elisa

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    1 decade ago

    How in the world did you ever fall asleep when the show was so full of drama last night. To recap, Jack cheated by deconstructing his pants and making a pattern out of them, Carmen and Victorya also used the pattern. Jack won and Carmen was auf'd. I think Jack may be in trouble next week??

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    1 decade ago

    Carmen's outfit was SO unfinished it was an embarassment. The jacket was ridiculously constructed, there was NO shirt whatsoever, so she draped that poor model with blue shirt fabric like a shawl.

    Oh! The Humanity!

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  • Carmen. He outfit was so bad. Not even a shirt. Her pants were a mess and the jacket was undone. Yikes.

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