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Is It Normal To Think About Death ALL The Time???

Especially when I'm driving. I always think about crashing. I think about death about 3-7 times a day. Im not really scared of it...just wonder when and how it will happen. But it does freak the hell outta me when I think about my son and not being with him no more. What is there that I can do because I think about it so much its not even normal no more..Its hard, very hard to imagine not being here no more...I cant rap my mind around it. Do u think about death aslo?? As much as I do???

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    Well this might come as good news, but you know, there are priests/ monks who believe that having death on our mind is a great virtue.

    I remember an elder of the Orthodox church once opened his speech with these words: Death, death, death, death, death, death....etc

    Why is that? It is because as Christians death is only the beginning of new life. It is our passage way to eternity. If we were to think of death all the time we'd be better people. If I thought this might be my last day on earth I would be doing a lot more good. If I knew it was the last day of someone dear to me I would value the time I have with them more.

    If i knew that tomorrow I will meet Christ the Saviour and all those who have departed before me and are waiting in Heaven I would live today for the sole purpose of preparing myself for that moment.

    I know take it foregranted all the time that I live through another day, that I have my family etc. So in that sense, I also consider it a virtue to be reminded of death and the fact that it is awaiting us.

    However, if the thought is making you uneasy, if it depresses you, if it's making you morbid etc. you can pray that Christ will redeem your feelings and that He will infuse in you a desire to be with Him and the ones you love who have passed before you.

    I think that developing a relationship with God can make us see death in a very different light. If the one person who you love most in the world were to move to another country wouldn't you be happy to think that one day you will be reunited with them forever there?

    Once we acknowledge that God who is the Creator, Saviour and Lover of mankind is waiting to spend an eternity with us, death will no longer have any negative connotations and we will be able to prepare ourselves accordingly.

    God bless you!

    Source(s): Scriptures, Holy Fathers
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    I am the same way, I know with me it's because I also have a child a 5yr old daughter about 2.5 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes it's under control and everything else seems to be fine but I always have this feeling like I'm gonna have a heart attack and die and leave my baby behind and just recently I found I;m preganat know I'm like what if I die in labor. I try not to think about it and just pray to god everyday to give me the chance to live a long life and be the best parent I can. Sometimes I think i'm crazy for thinking like that, I just try and eat healthy and do the best to be here a long long time with my children. So your not the only one that thinks like that my sister is kinda the same way, I think when you have kids you realize that you have another life to worry about and it makes you value your own life more cause you want to be here for your kids. Well good luck and try not to think about it too much..... You'll be fine!!!!!

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    I find myself thinking about death quite often myself. I always think of the worst case whenever I am in a car or at work or even in a restaurant. Like "what if a guy came in right now and robbed the place after shooting everyone in the head". It is extremely troubling and I would like to be rid of it.

    I know why it happens to me though. I went through chemo and stuff after being diagnosed with leukemia when I was 12. Every since then (14 years) I often think of when I'll die, how I'll die and morbid things such as that. But all I do to get rid of that feeling is try to keep myself busy (read, watch tv, listen to loud music).

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    Sounds like you're wrestling with the realization that you have become vital to another human being.

    ...Welcome to parenthood.

    Start a college fund.

    Buy life insurance.

    Start taking better care of your body...cut fats and toxins from your diet, exercise regularly, get proper rest.

    Death is a normal part of life...but the Living is the best part.

    Be aware of death...take a driver-safety course...but don't obsess over it.

    Accept the fact that you, just like everyone else, will one day no longer be here...but Not Today!

    Enjoy every day that you have, and appreciate every day that you have with your child...He Needs You to be here 100%

    Dump the un-nescessary drama and start living.

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    You probably are afraid in this period of your life. You might be feeling insecure too.

    If you don't do sins in your life, then have faith in God, trust yourself that your life is fine, & keep on doing good.

    I personally think of it cuz I feel black, not even desperate, cuz really nothing at all matters with me. Kind of salvation from this life, you know.

    Some other times, I, like many others, think of it & imagine how people will care for me. Kind of imagining how worth & beloved I am.

    I even imagine dangers happening, that I get severely injured & how people are shocked or so. More like feeling the danger to get excited. Some, like me, get excited through dangers, not getting scared, on the contrary.

    God bless you.

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    Go see a psychiatrist. I never think about death. It is obvious that you are depressed about something since you are afraid that if you did crash, you will no longer be with your son. You need help and I do hope that you get better soon.

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    I don't think about it constantly but the thought sometimes crosses my mind and it get me worried for a second...it makes me feel scared...then I go off to do something to distract myself and I forget all about it....if it would help you, definately go talk to somebody....they might be able to figure out why you are thinking that way.

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    It used to be a suicide and he undoubtedly wasn't a martyr. I'm now not definite what an accursed dying is. Later. I notice your edit. Which presupposes that there's this type of factor as 'God'. Which I enterprise to doubt.

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    It is not normal to think about death as much as you do. You need to go talk to someone.

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    acutally i do the same thing...sometimes at night too

    but i think its just normal...but idk

    yeah and thinking about not being here anymore is really weird ...like i cant really figure that out...

    but i guess were not supposed to know tht stuff

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