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Part time vs full time college course schedule?

I'm going to be going to college, but I'm not sure if I want to go part time instead of full.Whats the difference when it comes to the schedules? Do part time students have to go to campus everyday?

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    Full time is typically considered 12 or more credits (4 classes). Part time is anything less. When scheduling your classes the rule of thumb is that for every hour in class you can be expected to spend about 3 hours prep time. That includes reading, preparing assignments, etc. So just realize that being a student requires time outside of the classroom. As for how many days you have to be on campus that depends on how the classes are scheduled. You can set up your schedule (even full time) so that you are there all day for only 2 or 3 days but they may be long days and you may have some gaps between classes. That is not necessarily a bad thing as you can use the time to study, et, or use the library. You may also want to look into other factors such as your insurance and financial aid. Often times you need to be a full time student to stay on your parents' insurance or to receive full financial aid benefits. Good luck.

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    In college a class may be offered 3 days a week (mon. wed. fri.) at an hour a class, 2 days a week on (tues. thurs) at an hour and half, or one day a week where you will be in class for three hours. Part time and full time status is determined by how many hours a week you are in class. Full time is ussaly 12 or more hours. There is no difference in what pace you work at, although some scholarships require you be full time. To be full time you would have to enroll in at least 4 classes per semester worth 3 credit hours per class, hence 12 hours a week.

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    The difference will be in the number of hours you're on campus, as well as the number of hours of homework you have. But, either way, you don't have to be on campus every day. I'm a full time student, and I only go 3 days a week. Last semester, I only went two!

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    full time enrollment is usually about 12 credit hours depending on the higher education facility you are attending... if you are working full time, it would probably best to start off part-time... either with traditional courses or online courses.. that way you don't overwhelm yourself... part time students just to class on the days that their classes are could be everyday or it could be just on mondays and wednesday (any combination of days)...good luck

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    go full time!

    so u can get it over with!

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    Part time is VERY limited.

    Full time is what you want if you plan on passing with excellence.

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