A friend of mine left a message on my answering machine saying that he was insensed?

with my Thanksgiving greeting. All I said to him playfully,"HAPPY HAPPY THANSGIVING TURKEY TURKEY!" It was in good fun. I was being very silly. He told me that he went off after he heard my greeting which is very silly on his part. He thought the greeting was very insensitive. I told him it was not and I was just being silly and jovial. He said that I have never invited him for Thanksgiving and that he is not having turkey. None has invited him. First of all my family doesn't like to have strangers over other than flesh and blood for Thanksgiving. So I don't want to make my parents very uncomfortable. They don't like to entertain guest. They are ill so it wouldn't be right thing to do. I have explained this to him so many times. He doesn't care. He always have put his friendship with strings attached (i.e. conditional)

He told me that he bought me a Christmas gift but he regrets it. He even told me three weeks ago he doesn't know why he bought me a gift.


Weeks before Thanksgiving, he mentioned he bought me a Christmas gift but he indicated that he shouldn't have and don't know why he did it anyway.

If he really doesn't want to give me a gift, why he did it anyway. I feel that I shouldn't accept the gift because of how he treats me lately. He is upset because I have found some work and he hasn't work in 7 months. He said he doesn't want to work. Should I accept the gift? I think not. His gift giving is not heartfelt.

Update 2:

On top of that, we both got an invite to a mutual friends holiday party. Every year he asked whether I get an invitation. Every year he makes a big deal about our friend's holiday party. I know for a fact that he will tell everyone at the party about my so called Thanksgiving phone greeting. He always like to talk about people. He always complains that I spend too much time at my folks place than at my apartment. The reason being is that they live close to Washington DC/MD Line. I live in B'more. I crash at their place because I work long hours at a legal document review company to cut down on gas cost and get more sleep. I am tired of his complaint. This year has been an eye opening experience since I lost my old job. I have been divorcing myself to many of my friends because I am focusing more on rebuilding my career. He always criticize me for having problems finding work in my field of paralegal. At least I am working. He is not and never tried to look.

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  • Jen M
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    And you are friends with this individual why??

    He certainally is not respectful of you or your family.

    I would not accept his gift as it sounds like he will hold it over your head. Again, for me...this would be cause to end the friendship. It doesn't sound like you have a real friendship anyway.

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    Wow, what a nutbutt! At least you called, no offense but I don't call anyone on that day. That is my family day. WOW, cut this jag off out of your life. I love your message and would have laughed my head off if you would have sent it to me.

    BTW I have spent many a Thanksgivings alone as my husband was in the military and we lived away from family for many years. Sometimes we did the friend thing, sometimes I sat on the couch in my jammies and ate a sandwich. Tell him to grow up.

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    Sounds like he takes things way to personal. Font exchange gifts with him, if that his attitude. Its not fun to walk around on egg shells with so called friends. Put some distance between the two of you, and enjoy your Christmas.

  • Anonymous
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    he sounds like he needs some therapy. There was not anything wrong with that message. I would just let him be for a while. Hopefully he will see that he is being irrational.

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  • Anonymous
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    Tell him to take the xmas gift back to the store and get his money back....also to stuff it (his own turkey that is)! Good luck!

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    let him go...let him whine some more...a friend doesn't make you feel bad about anything, they are suppose to help the situation not complicate it. tell him you need some space and keep blowing him off, say your busy or something else.

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    Sound like your friend is a "whiner" with no sense of humor. You don't need friends like this. Mark him off your Christmas list!

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    wait a few days and then call back,and apoligize.Just let the gift idea roll-yes or no----it does not make a difference.Friendship is more important,

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    Tell him to take his gift back and never call you again. He's an ***!

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