TWINS.....Isn't it amazing?

to see the differences in thier personalities? My twin boys turned one on July 18th. They both weighed in at 5 lbs. 11 oz. They are no doubt identical, but boy are thier personalities complete opposites! Duston was baby B. He was the first born (c/s). He has a very sweet personality. He is a very laid back baby. His brother Dalton is just plain MEAN! (see my other post about biting!) He has a temper like a rattlesnake and it takes very little to set him off! Don't get me wrong now, Duston will finally get enough but he isn't easily provoked like his brother. I have never seen anything like a one year old twin fight!! But it is an all day occurance around here. I was really amazed to see it though. I didn't think one year old babies were capable of having tempers that bad, much less acting on it! Dalton is very sweet to us (mom, dad and older siblings), but he is very mean to his twin! I guess Duston is the lover, Dalton is the fighter!

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    I remember seeing "In the womb" on NGC and they had twins shown. One twin would often (maybe not intentionally) hit his brother and the brother would move away and rest his head on the placenta. When they were born and around 1 year old, the more aggressive twin would often hit his brother and the more passive one would retreat to his room and rest his head on his pillow the same way he did in utero. It is amazing! I wish you the best of luck with your growing family.

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    Oh yes I completely understand. My son started his temper at like 9 months! My daughter is sweet and loves everyone and she doesnt provoke him at all. I have caught him firts thing in the morning while she is still asleep ripping her out of bed by her hair! He is so hot headed too! There is no way about pleasing him. They arent twins but sometimes I cant even understand how the two of them came from the same DNA. I love him dearly but he is good at pushing buttons. Best of Luck to you!

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    i don't know so far my twins are good

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