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what are the best schools in dubai?

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    check with Dubai Educational Zone or council and ask for recommendations .. there are several types so .. good luck =)

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    I would like to help you with my answer but your question is too broad and too general to be answered.

    A. There are almost 36 schools qualified as Nurseries & Elementary.

    B. There are almost 25 schools qualified as Elementary and High Schools.

    C. Ther are almost 27 schools & learning centers offering Diploma and BS courses in Dubai.

    D. There are almost 45 Technical Training Schools in Dubai

    E. There are almost 18 Diving Schools in Dubai.

    F. There are almost 22 Driving Schools in Dubai.

    G. There are 17 registered Music Schools in Dubai.

    H. There are 23 registered Martial Arts Schools in Dubai.

    Etc... Etc... (I have not included the Beauty Schools...)

    Let me know what type of school you are particular with and I'll give you my answer...

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    Ski School at the Ski Dome.

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    ermm I dont have a clue,.. but I know my little brother and sister go to a good school.. I went in there once and wow.. ! it was amazing... I think it was opposite the Emirates mall.. beginnning with W.. I think..?

    lol x

    EDIT its wellington!! lol.. I think it takes children from all ages aswell... from really young 3 +


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    What type of schools??? For kids? For adults?

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