Selecting a major for pre-med?

I am a freshman in college in need of help on deciding on a major. I want to go for the medical field/dentistry. I am not so great with math, moreso in english/writing. Would that be a great disadvantage for me if I am leaning towards pre-med? Also, I heard that it's best to major in biology to have a better understanding for the medical field but am still debating because I also heard that it's extremely hard. I want to understand why it seems so hard to so many and what's the best major to select. I want to avoid taking unnecessary classes that will just waste my time.

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    First of all, everyone starts college wanting to be a doctor, I urge you to explore other career options!!!!!!!! If there is any chance at all that you want to be a doctor because of the money, there are many other much easier ways to become rich!!!!!! After you explore other options and you decide that medicine is the career you want, major in an area that intrests you!!! If you major in English, you can still take all the pre requs. for med school,,, you'll just have to make really good grades in all your science classes.. I started college as a biology/ premed major and take it from me ITS VERY HARD. It requires alot of time, energy and effort that traditional college freshman are not willing or unable to give. If you truly want to be a doctor, stick with it and study very hard!!!

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    Most college students take a "general education requirements" core--those are social science, humanities, etc. that don't relate necessarily to a major. You should major in biology with a minor in chemistry, as you will need a lot of both to get into dental school (or even do well on the dental entrance exam). If this seems onerous, then dental school might not be for you--the bulk of the coursework is science (for which you need math as a pre-requisite) and lab works in organic chemistry, biology, anatomy, and pharmacology. If you can't see eight years of that for yourself, you should consider your career choice and start out on the road to success rather than frustration. Just take all the science and math you can right now until you make up your mind.

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    Do a search online for medical schools - then get on their admission requirements website and see what type of undergraduate degree is required...there could be a number of them.

    The fact of the matter is, you have chosen one of the hardest programs you can be in. You will have to have a BS- that means a ton of math and science classes. You will inevitably have to get some kind of science degree, whether it be biology, anatomy, neuroscience, etc.

    If you are looking for an "easy" route, then good luck, because no degree required to apply to medical/dental school is going to be easy - thats the whole point, to make sure you are serious.

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