Why are people so "branded"?

Branded is when you are into brand name things.

I just want to hear your opinions.

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    Mostly because that's what the media influences. On tv and stuff, you always see celebs wearing name brand stuff, and it's kind of shoved down our throats. People just want to be socially acceptable, and unfortunately that means always being in style with the latest brands.

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    Hi, people are soo influenced by the celebrities thru the media and wish that we could be like them!! Branding gives others an image that you are up to trend and leads a good life!! Boast self-ego as others will tend to take more notice on you or your branded stuffs!!

    Of coz, it can create self confidence as well but if a person is too relies on branding, you are being a materialistic person, juz imagined others frm the 3rd world countries kids or adults are suffing from hunger with no proper shelter above them and yet people splurge soo much juz to get attention!!!

    I once saw Tyra show, she is a celebrity too but she admits that she loves cheap things as well and even in her show, she teaches her audience how to spend on cheap and get the classy look at the same time. She is a very good example that I think other celebrities should all be like her eg. she auction her clothing on her show to raise funds for the children's charity, soo nice of her, right?

    Well, I do love branded goods too (but so far I had only a gucci bag and is during season sales) but do remember if you dont carry yourself well, any LV, Gucci, Coach or Hermes clothing or bags will just look all fake on you.... Sorry, no offence, is juz how I thought!! All the best!! =)

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    Because brand name things are more publicized. Therefore people know about them and believe that they are better for them than off-brand things.

  • Sarah
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    Wearing brand names are, for most of consumerism-driven America (and elsewhere, for that matter), a status symbol. By wearing Versace, Emporio Armani, etc., people say, "look what I can afford. Look how great my life is. I must be much happier than you."

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  • 1 decade ago

    i'm into branded things, because i believe their quality is so much better than non-branded things. like the first person said, by wearing true religion, citizens of humanity, marc jacobs, juicy couture, stuart weitzman, etc. every day, i feel good about myself as in confident that i look good. if i were to wear non-branded items, i'd question my looks.

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    i dk

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