how do i get my teacher to stop asking if im depressed?

well I’m a very quiet person and I really don’t talk all that muck so my teachers keep asking if I’m depressed I probably am so they do have the right but the thing is they keep calling my house and each Tim they call I get grounded so I just wont them to leave me alone

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    As hard as this may be, especially with the personality that you have--approach your teacher and tell him/her that you would appreciate it if they did not keep asking and calling home to tell my parents that I am depressed. I appreciate your concerns but it would be better for me if you stopped.

    if you put it that way, you will let your teacher know that you realize that they are trying to help but they are only doing the opposite. It will be hard to do--and take a lot of maturity, but you can do it! =)

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    Well if you get grounded for your teachers showing concern about you then you probably have plenty to be depressed about. How about you tell your teachers to stop calling your house about your being depressed because you get grounded and it is not fair for the teachers to continuously cause you to be grounded.

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    you need to speak to an administrator regarding your teacher. it is only natural that they are concerned about you, but to call your house and invade your family's privacy is uncalled for. If you are depressed (most teens are) you can talk to a guidance counselor who will keep your private issues private. you also need to let the principal know that calls to your house regarding your mental state are causing the situation at home to get worse. let the administrators know that you feel your privacy is being violated by this teacher and you want the calls to stop. if they won't take the steps to get this teacher to stop, go to the superintendent. if they won't help you, go to the school board. you have to fight for your privacy.

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    Talk to the teacher directly, tell how you feel and if that doesn't work go to the principal.

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    Get involved in something that make you happy.

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