I was dumped?

It's been 4 months since my ex dumped me. The last time heard from him was 2 months ago. weird thing is i still have his # in my phone in case he does call me and i still have photos of the two of us. I think those few times he did call me after he dumped me was to clear his own conscience. A part of me wants to hate him and forget about him and a part of me wants him to call me back- I think about him at least once every single day. We are both college age and our relationship lasted 6 months. I remember I was pathetic we he dumped me over the phone. Said the reason he dumped me was b/c he found a new girl he was talking to (on phone) and seeing during our relationship, & indirectly said she had a better personality (& probably better looking) and this he wasn't in love with me. I'm a shy person to begin with so going out to meet new people would be too much anxiety for me right now. I feel that as much as I talk it over, I still keep having the same thoughts of wishing he was with me again.


a lot of you are giving hard answers,wheres the compassion or sensitivity

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    You got dumped so stop thinking about him and move on. He treated you like a loser and you are drawn to him cuz maybe it will make you feel less of a loser but the truth is your perfect guy is out there somewhere in the world and until you get off your tush and go out and date, you'll be the loser your ex considers you to be. Lose his phone number, throw out any reminders of him and fix yourself up and go out and have FUN. Too many fishes in the sea to cry over this one.

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    It's understandable that you still miss him and still feel the need to be with him as the breakup is still fresh.

    What are you are going through at the moment is the healing process of grieving over him then feeling angry about what he'd done. However you must see reality of this whole situation because now, you are still clouded with emotions and feelings for him. He did dumped you for another girl, do you honestly want to hang on to a guy like that?

    Remind yourself that if any person who dumps their 'love' for another really wasn't giving their all in the relationship in the first place and if he loved and were in love with you, it would not enter his mind to pursue another girl.

    Just think about it-- if the two of you got back together there's a good chance there will be another breakup and this time it may involved cheating or some lame excuse to let you go again.

    You need to start moving on (doesn't mean dating others) but one of the things you need to do is get rid of his number as you are holding on to the past and someone that probably never call back. This is just one of the experiences in your life that can make you stronger, if you allow that to happen. So for now take care of yourself and believe that you are worthy and better off without him. The next time around you might meet someone that loves you and your personality for what it is.

    Time heals the heartache so fill up the time to do other things, hanging out with friends, working or taking up a new hobby. Eventually he will be a distant memory and realize that your ex wasn't all that great and you will have no desire to be with him or think of him anymore.

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    Hey, for starters, your boyfriend was a jerk, he was cheating on you with some girl over the phone and even seeing her. So you did nothing wrong! So get those crazy things out of your head, that you want him back. If he does call to want you back, don't do it, because he's gonna do the same evil thing to you in about 6 months. Whatever he said about your personality isn't true, he just wants you to feel bad and make it seem that you made him go to an other. Don't listend to his crap. Look your great, but he just didn't want you and he did a pretty low thing by cheating. Girl there are a lot of other good looking guys out there and you can be happy with at least one of them. I know what beeing shy is all about, but it's a good thing if you just be single a little longer, cause then you are avoiding using some guy as a rebound. And believe me you don't need to get out much to meet a nice and sweet guy, he'll come your way. You just need some time to let your broken heart heal and then you can start looking at other hotties. But whatever you do, don't get back with your ex, cause you'll feel the same **** in a couple of months.

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    this happened to me. it hurts a lot when you love someone so much and they no longer love you the way you want.

    my ex called me and talked to me all the time after we broke up and that wasn't healthy for me b/c it gave me a lot of false hopes.

    This is my take on it. If you've been broken up for over 3 months, then it's truly over. Don't do what I did, (hook up/talk) with him now, it will just hurt more in the long run.

    It took over a year for me to get over him and even after that I still got jealous when he mentioned other girls, or things like that, so the best thing to do would be to delete his number out of your phone, block him on the internet and cut all communication with him. It will hurt and you'll think about him a lot but thats part of the healing process that you need to go through.

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    He was clear that he didn't want to be with you. There is nothing you can do to change that. Start taking care of your life and living your heart's deepest desires that have nothing to do with if you are with anyone else or not. When the time is right, the person that wants to stay with you and love you will show up and you will be very happy that you moved away from someone who didn't want you like that.

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    You want to be with someone who said those awful things to you? Whether you believe it now or not, you deserve better. Its not healthy to be dwelling in the past. We need to move on. You will find someone better. I know this because I was exactly like you 2 years ago. I wanted her back and I want to hate her for what she did but in the end it just delayed my healing. Find someone more worthy for you. Trust me, he is out there. Have faith and believe. Best of luck

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    wow i'm close to that situation but my ex didn't tell me about the other girl i had to find out for myself and he didn't call me to say sorry we did it over the internet.

    but anywizaz, it's not abnormal to think about him or want him to call. If you try to forget him it'll only hurt you more.

    just next time you see/talk to him be friendly but not flirty. as for him not liking your personality that's gay cuz you seem cool.... even though i don't kno you. just be yourself around him if you do become friends in the end or even if you guys get back together you don't want him to like you for who you pretend to be.

    if you guys don't get back together and you stay single for a while that's fine. it'll clear up ur head more and more. besides you're not supossed to be on the look out for a guy they should look for you and persue you. it's not you're job to do the work.

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    forget about him. he sounds like an egotistical *sshole. he couldve found a better reason to tell you instead of one to make you feel bad and the fact he was cheating on you is even more reason. you are going to have to get out of that shyness though if you want to find happiness.

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    your in college so go out to parties and club with some friends.. you can totally have a good time without him.. he sound like a jerk anyway and he made it clear thats he is not into you at all!!! so just go out and have fun... find a hobbies and do something nice for yourself. you got to love you first before someone else can

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    your in love with the past thoughts/feelings of being with this guy and not really with the guy, i can't be more subtle than this but its time to move on..he obviously doesn't feel the way you do and doesn't even think about you that way, esp. with a new woman around...so why waste time dwelling on someone who doesn't care about you that way? just keep telling yourself your better than that! goodluck!

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