Where can I buy a hookah pipe in New York, NY.?

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    1 decade ago
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    There's a smoke shop on West 4th Street between Cornelia and Jones Street that sells hookahs. (on the south side of the street near Tio Pepe's)

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    1 decade ago

    I am sure there are lots of places to buy them in NYC but the problem is, it is most likely a lovely Chinese Hookah. Use life 1 month. Price $100. That's about average for the Chinese Hookahs. To get a quality hookah, ask around and get references from other people. Reputation is everything. Or you can buy it online. That's what I do. Some of the best sites in quality, uniqueness, selection and price!

    Some of my fav sites I use:






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    If you search on yahoo for hookahs or hookah you'll find www.hookahbuzz.com , they are located in NY and offer next day delivery to Ny and several other states. Their sister site www.HookahTown.com has a slightly larger selection and slightly better package deals.

    Tell them i sent you and get %10 percent off your purchase...coupon code: Hookah Guy

    Source(s): www.HookahTown.com , www.hookahbuzz.com
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