Pregnant and can't stay awake/wake up easily?

I am 12 weeks pregnant and i can't stay awake during the day, and i am having a very hard time waking up in the morning. My work schedual is 4:30AM - 1PM then 1:20PM-4PM for class everyday. I come home, make my husband and I dinner, and am in bed by 8pm, but I am finding it VERY hard to wake up at 3:30 to get into work on time. Is there anything I can do to help myself stay awake, or sleep better or fall asleep earlier??? Thanks.

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    Every time I was pregnant I could fall asleep walking.

    It'll pass in a few weeks.

    Oh...and I cried a LOT...Baby Magic ads and McDonald's send me into tears. That too will pass.

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    Oh honey...You need to ask your husband for a little help. Your just about through the first trimester so you should start felling better any day now, but it is very common to be exhausted during this time. Your body is doing A LOT of hard work. You need extra rest. Typically you'll get a little energy boost and feel overall much better, during your second trimester. I suggest trying to plan an easier schedule for yourself for your 3rd trimester, because you'll go back to being tired etc.

    I am 32 weeks and full time student and have been finding it very difficult to be at school lately. I'm uncomfortable, unable to focus and exhausted.

    I wish you best of luck

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    I feel like I slept the whole 1st trimester!! Then i got engery YAY! Now I'm over 32 weeks...and I'm back to sleeping. Your body is working hard!! It needs it's rest.

    I don't have any ideas about waking up, other than maybe try setting your alarm a little earlier and putting a drink and some food by your bed. Maybe the thought of eating will get you going.

    Good Luck!!

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    Fatigue in pregnancy is very normal. Its not caused by lack of sleep, so there's really nothing you can do, but power through.

    To sleep better, try not to drink for 2 hours before bed (but make sure you get all the hydration you need, just earlier in the day).

    To fall asleep faster, don't do anything in bed, but sleep. Don't read or watch TV. Do something calming right before bed, like a nice warm bath. Have the lights dim for an hour before sleep. Try to clear you mind and take deep calming breaths.

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    hi there i would prob advise that u ask your hubby to give u a hand the first and last trimester is the hardest as your body is doing the most work love also try to nap as often as u can, having hot baths not drink so much before bed to could help also ask your supervisor to give u some Le way as your finding it hard they should honer u. if all fails speak to ur doc and explain that work is taking it out of u ask for a letter for your boss saying u need better hours my friend done this and it help her good look x

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