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Javascript question?

How can I open a new webpage with a javascript? I have the code already, but when they click "ok" in the window that appears, it opens another window as pop up with the script The problem is that I don't want the information bar telling that had bloqued a pop up and I want the other webpage loads in the same window.


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    change the to window.location.href ='url link';

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    I would say use the funtion, however, your problem seems to be related to your browser blocking popups, which means you have to turn that feature off.

    However, this brings it own problems, because then you have to get all the users of your script to do the same thing....

    Sooo... I would try playing around with the page you are opening, and how you are opening it (the last parameter for open()), becuase some pop-up blockers may allow windows to open if they think that it is not an advertisement.

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    <a href="#""YourPage.htm")>Your Text</a>

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