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cheerleading help!!!!!?

Well two of our flyers broke a bone and im the only one they might depend on and i can do everything else im just scared to do a full any tips?

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    1.) Use your arms - Start with your arms up, and snap them down sharply to initiate the twist.

    2.) Ride the pop - As the bases dip and throw you, be sure to ride their pop so you have more height to get around.

    3.) Chin to your shoulder - It will help you initiate your spin and you can see where you are going.

    4.) Pop your HIP - This is the most common mistake by a flier. Make sure you lift your hip up and into the spin. If you don't then you may NOT spin at all.

    5.) Don't open up too early - Start to open to your craddle when you have 1/4 of your spin left. This will slow you down to the perfect craddle. NOTE: If you are too late, then you will over rotate. If you are too early, then you will not get around.

    6.) Stay tight - Make sure your body is wrapped tight. From your legs, your arms, your chin, and mid-section all need to be tight for a quick and clean spin.

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    You might have cause. You coach should be doing a serious re-evaluation of your routines if you have had that many people breaking bones. It sounds like your unit is being pushed beyond its skill level. Has not someone in authority brought this up with your coach? Have any of the parents voiced their concerns?

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    well i use to cheer but i was never a flyer to tall and heavy but al i can say is look to the squad for help and advise just trust them and drink lotz of water it helps relax you

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    Just relax. Trust in your teammates. If they know that you trust them soo well, they will make sure they try their best. And you too, try your best, all the time! Good luck!

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