The Mustang is a protected horse in the United States. The name of this breed comes from Spanish and means?

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    I think it comes from the Spanish word meaning "Sports car manufactured by Ford."

    Just kidding, okay?

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    The English word "mustang" comes from the Mexican Spanish word mestengo, derived from Spanish mesteño, meaning "stray" or "feral animal". The Spanish word in turn may possibly originate from the Latin expression animalia mixta (mixed beasts), referring to beasts of uncertain ownership, which were distributed in shepherd councils, known as mestas in medieval Spain.[3] A mestengo was any animal distributed in those councils, and by extension any feral animal.

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    Mustang comes from "mesteno" which means wild. ( The n in the word mesteno would normally have a punctuation mark called a tilde over it, which tells the reader to pronounce it as a "y" sound, but YA does not allow for that type of punctuation mark in this column.)

    Source(s): Horse owner and horse professional.
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    Comes from Spanish word Musteno which means belonging to the graziers, strayed, wild.

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    wild horse

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