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What size bo staff would you recommend for someone 5'1"?

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    This is a matter of opinion. Most traditional Martial Arts demand a RokushaBo 6 Foot Staff but if your instructor allows deviation from tradition he may allow you to get a custom BO which means you would you have it cut to size. While training in sport Ninjitsu-Do my wife and I who are 4'11' and 5'5" respectively had custom cut Bo's to fit our heights as mentioned above since he did allow for this for our comfort. The only weapons that I personally to not custom cut are the Hanbo (3" staff) or the Jo (4" staff) since these are short in size and there is no need to cut them for comfort now please keep in mind that your supplier may charge extra for cutting the weapon to custom fit you depending on your relationship with them my supplier does not charge me extra because we have a long standing relationship (18+ years) if you don't want to pay too much for a custom bo you can go to The Home-Depot and get a dowel that you can have cut a your local lumber yard for a fee. ITS ALL UP TO YOU AND WHAT YOUR INSTRUCTOR WANTS IF HES OK WITH IT FOR YOU IF YOU WANT TO GO CUSTOM THEN HAVE IT CUT TO 5'1". And keep on trucking. Good Luck and happy training.

    Source(s): Personnal experience in training with weapons.
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    Much depends on your discipline and what you will use the Bo for, however a generalized rule of thumb is the staff should approximate your own height, thus a 5' staff would be a good start for you.

    This said, any good martial artist will be able to weild a 4' staff or a 6' staff or a broom handle just as effectively. All will feel, move, and react slightly differently, but that is precisely what will teach you how to be flexible in your own response.

    If you're a beginner with the staff, going for the shorter staff may help you learn. Your instructor may have a preference though, so you should definately check with them before purchasing.

    Good luck

    Ken C

    9th Dan HapMoosaKi-Do

    8th Dan TaeKwon-Do

    7th Dan YongChul-Do

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    That depends on the style of staff fighting.

    For traditional Bo staff It should be about eye level give or take an inch. For Dragon pole it can be 10 to 12 in taller than you and in some forms even longer.

    Jo staff is short about 4 ft..

    you need to ask your instructor.

    The "tooth picks I see being used today a lot need to short enough for you to spin behind you standing straight up without hitting the floor. I personally don't know how the heck they would be more effective than a Bo staff. But that is another question.

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    A Bo should be your height or just a little over... up to about 3 or 4 inches over your head.

    Best wood for a staff is Appalachian Hickory. All the other wood types are nice looking but for combat purpose, they are inferior.

    These are probably the best in the country -

    By the way, a staff is a bo. You don't say bo bo or staff staff. When you say bo staff, you are saying the same word twice.

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    It all depends upon you and your style of M/A in train in. Take a look into a light tooth-pick 60" bo, it's great for fast whipping action or, try a heavy 60" bo staff (traditional type) for more powerful techniques.

    Because of the different Katas and competition and travel I own four. When I travel most of the time I use my 2pc custom 6' bo. I stand 5'11" and 3 of my staffs are 6' and one is 5' 8" (very fast!).

    Source(s): M/A for life.
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    Bo staffs should only be slightly taller than you and so I would not get anything over 5'6". The can also be the same size so a 5' would also do but anything shorter or taller than either of those two sizes is not a good fit for you.

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    It should be around your height, since the main moves and blocks must be done to protect someone of your height, therefore having to be longer than you. So I would go with one a few inches or so taller than you, made of a steady but lightweight wood, unless you have more experience working with the staff. I know that bamboo staffs are wonderful, and they're not what you would think. They're strong, stiff, and HARDENED. Bamboo usually wouldn't work well, but they let flames lick the bamboo to harden it, and you can often tell because of the singed stripes that give it a very realistic, professional look.

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    Most masters in staffs would always use something that are shorter than their height. The size of the staff should go all the way up to your chest. Some of them uses ones that goes up to their waist.

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    5' 1/2

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    You want the bo to be the same height that you are.

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