What is an easy way to learn how to throw a curve ball in bowling?

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    Just listen to me. Aim your thumb at the pins to throw a straight ball. Right-handers should rotate their hand to the left to throw a curve, left-handers rotate to the right.

    The amount you rotate determines the amount of the curve. Good luck.

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    the suited term is to "hook" the ball. the least complicated thank you to try this's to get some rubber inserts outfitted to your ball..that's that in case you have your individual ball. you will possibly desire to get this executed on the professional save. The rubber inserts will help your 2 arms in the front grip the ball. once you throw the ball, you will possibly desire to swing your hand outward in a counter-clockwise action (in case you're a righty) from decrease than the ball and launch your thumb on an identical time. the two front arms come out final so which you would be able to spin the ball. that's the spinning of the ball which will hook the ball so it gets an incredible curve on the lane. in case you purchase a professional ball, they might have a weight in the middle of the ball that facilitates a ball hook much greater elementary. the domicile bowling balls which you discover at maximum lanes don't have this center weight and additionally you will possibly desire to rely strictly available/finger recommendations to get the ball to spin.

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    Step One - The first step in knowing how to put spin on a ball is first knowing your bowling ball. There are many types of balls that do specific tasks, such as:

    Plastic Balls - Simply go straight

    Urethane Balls - Developed in the '70s to give more of a hook on your ball

    Reactive Resin Balls - Developed in the 90's which added resin to the Urethane balls to make them tackier for better grip and hook

    Particle Balls - Little particles were added to the balls to give them better bite on oily lanes.

    Step Two - After choosing your ball, the next step is getting your ball properly fitted. This is key to making your ball hook to its fullest potential. There are two ways to drill a ball: full finger, where your middle and ring finger go in the ball up until it is at the middle of your finger and finger tip, where the tips of your fingers go into the ball.

    To receive the results get your ball drilled so you are using your finger tips.

    Step Three - The next important feature before adding spin to your ball is choosing the right shoes. Plain old rental shoes just wont cut it if your trying to impress your buddies. The best type of shoe is the one that lets you slide as you run up to the line. Dexter shoes provide a wonderful line of effective and reliable bowling shoes.

    Step Four - Now that you have your ball, drilling and shoes picked out it is time to put some hook on your ball.

    First off lets explain the lane. You will notice there are seven arrows located approximately fifteen feet from the foul line and ten dots located six feet away from the foul line. These arrows and lines will help you guide your ball to the perfect hook and strike.

    Step Five - Now lets pick our target. If your right handed concentrate on the second arrow in from the right side of the lane and if your left handed focus on the second arrow in from the left side of the lane. Stand upright with your feet close together. Position your shoulder and your bowling ball directly over your target arrow. Square your shoulders so they are at a 90 degree angle to your forearm. Walk towards your target arrow. Keep your feet square and perpendicular to your shoulders. Push your ball away from you with the back of your hand facing the ground and swing the ball back behind you, as you swing slightly start to lean forward. As you approach the foul line bring the ball back to your front then plant your left foot in front of the foul line and release the ball as it swings forward towards your target arrow keeping your palm facing up and allow your right leg to simply swing behind your left leg. Now watch it spin!

    Step Six - The key to putting perfect spin on your ball is to keep your palm facing up on release and allowing your ball to do all the work. Keep practicing and you will eventually get this motion down perfectly and you will be on your way to impressing your friends in no time!

    Source(s): Hope it helps.
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    You put your hand out like you are shaking somebody's hand; and lift upwards, ball will slide off hand, and natural motion will cause hook. Nice easy motion will do the job!

    Source(s): Me--Very good Bowler!
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