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I need some really good advice!!!?

Ok I was TALKING to a married man who was 35 and I am 21. Well we kissed once and thats pretty much it. We both likED each other and I have developed feelings for him. Well his wife was finding out about the calls and was following him all over town, even to the gym to WATCH HIM work out and *67 every single call on his phone bill. Well he told me that we needed to quit talking b/c it was just a matter of time before she but 2 and 2 together. Well we said bye on a good note.. everything was fine and I texted him to tell him some stuff for closure and he wont answer them... I am not trying to pursue him still.. but I just want him to acknowledge my feelings too. I dont know how I am going to get over him... it is so HARD to just forget about someone. We met at the gym cuz we both play racquetball and yesterday I heard that he went in there and grabbed all his stuff and left. What do you think and can you give me some advice to get over him quicker PLEASE!!!!

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    Leave him alone you marriage wrecking little harlet!

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    I may not know exactly how u feel but the best thing to do is forget him cause a married man will in most cases never leave his wife for someone else all they do is have an affair but i do hope u forget him soon an try and move on. Read some books do things that u like to do. Well there is someone special out there for u don't worry. Take care bye.

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    Sorry to have to say this to you but what you are doing is wrong!

    Best to leave a married man alone. I don't think it is right that a woman or a man pursue a relationship with someone married even if the other person is weak.

    Sometimes married people go through changes in their lives and get confused just like everyone else. I am sure that this man needed to work out his marrage and contacting him any further only makes it harder for him to get his life back on track where it belongs...

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    You have to understand that he cut you out of his life to try and save his marriage. Obviously he knew he was close to making a mistake and didn't want it to cost him his marriage. You have to let well enough alone.

    If you want to get over him, move on. Find someone else to talk to become friends with. I'm sure there are single people who work out at your gym. Hang out in clubs or talk to your friends. Finding a new relationship will help you squash the heartbreak from your last one.

    I'm not downing you either, your not the first young woman to fall in love with an older married man. Just remember that he did care about you but he wanted to do the right thing. Now move on and have fun. Good luck.

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    Married men are trouble and be happy your out. I understand that you have feelings for him but he has a wife. He may never acknowledge your feelings to what you may feel is adequate because his priority is his family. Morally he owes you an explanation but we are going to throw his morals out the door because he cheated on his wife and hurt you. Healing takes time. Move on to someone who will treat you right and who will respect you by making you there only significant other.

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    You can choose to accept his decision with no remorse at all.

    When you think of him, think about the good times you had. Think about the life experiences that you shared and will remember forever.

    But, now, it's time to move on. There is no need for the type of closure that you seek. Instead, keep those memories open and fresh. Just don't obsess about them.

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    OK theres nothing you can do...

    It was wrong of you to kiss him but i know these things happen.

    Hes married just move on and get yourself someone else don't ruin their happy family your way better then that i can tell!

    You really pride yourself so don't worry about him hes just trying to get over you too he loves his wife!

    let them be happy unless you want to be a home wrecker!

    If you see him don't pay any attention If he loves you enough he will call you and tell you...

    I hope i helped don't give up faith!

    -Christina xoxox

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    Do NOT keep trying to contact him.

    I hope you now realize that messing with married men is BAD NEWS.

    Stop obsessing on him, date guys nearer your own age.

    It always seems like you can never love anyone but him, but you will. It may take a while to get over him, but you will.

    Just distract yourself by keeping busy.

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    You messed with a married man and now you are surprised that all you have is pain? You're kidding, right? STAY AWAY FROM MARRIED MEN! Period!

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    you need to find someone else. you should learn from this. if you do not want to get hurt, never get involved with someone marred. unless you are looking to get hurt.

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