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Cleveland Ohio....?

Has anyone ever been to the Wolstein Center? I have tickets to go to the Dancing With the Stars show and have one of the far upper level seats. Was just wondering how big the place is, and if seats far away are going to be crappy.

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    It's one of the best venues for watching large shows in the nation because there aren't any boxes forcing other seats away from the action as at most modern arenas.

    The Wolstein seats over 13,000, however, so it may not hurt to bring binoculars depending upon your eyesight and the location of your seats.

    The pop-up seating chart here will show you the location of your seats relative to the stage, if you don't already know:

    Have fun!

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    Yah Its not a bad Venue but I saw the Beastie Boys there. Dancing with the Stars.......i guess if you have to go. The Seats are not Crappy just the Event you are going to is........Wait for Van Halen or Metallica something palatable.

    Source(s): Been to 250 concerts in 15 years.
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    You should be fine, the place isn't huge.

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    your be ok , take opra glasses.

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