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annoying mates?

theres this girl in my class...and shes really quiet and acts really shy in front of others...and p-pl feeel sorry for her..butr when u get to know her she is geredy and a ***** can i stop people feeling sorry for her and see her for wat she is....

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    Why are you concerned? Let people find out for themselves what she is like. The alternative is for you to start talking behind her back and you would get a bad name for yourself.

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    WOAH get away from her!!!!!! seriously. man, i can't believe this species of people are so er widespread. other than that, why would you want to stop ppl from feeling sry for her and see her true colours? cos to me, if those ppl were Smart , Intelligent creatures, they would be able to tell for themselves. if they fall for her trap, too bad for them. sry for my harsh words, been hurt by one of those species.

    *applause for you for not hving fallen into her trap

    and i hope u want to stop ppl frm feeling sry for her jus cos you are a nice person and want to help others and not cos u r looking for some drama

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    Don't do anything,let pple find out themselves

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