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For those with a degree in Philosophy, what do you do for a living?

Just curious. After college I tried to make my mark by starting an online Philosophy bookstore, but now I'm a computer programmer and have been for 10 years.


Philosophy, especially the foray into symbolic logic, was a great introduction into computer programming. Moreso than either mathematics or computer science.

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Mike B: LOL...

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r0ck3t3r, you are precisely correct. Seriously studying philosophy teaches you how to think. And once you learn how to think you can do anything you set your mind on. I'm actually self taught in computers.

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    Practice the phrase, "Do want fries with that burger?"

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    Steve Martin, the comedian, initially majored in philosophy at CalState Long Beach. He later transferred to UCLA for theater. But I think philosophy is not only good for helping one analyze what makes people tick, the study of logic might give you a better sense of what makes things funny.

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    I think being your own thinker is a greater gift than any amount of money. I was self taught in IT networking and made a great living at that... I have since went got a degree in it, but i consider it garbage and never needed it to get a job. but ever since I started learning philosophy.. it is interesting and liberating to see how I was not thinking for myself before. Being able to question everything is very rewarding.

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    Im thinking philosophy would help you think logically when you are writing programs...right? Other than the degree getting you a carrer...its seems bleak.

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    Many people think that Philosophy is a great starting point for a law degree.

    I knew a lot of lawyers who recommended that course of study.

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    ...I surf everyday, and answer questions down at the beach,

    when people ask me "what the meaning of life is..." the

    compensations are tax free and interesting in more ways

    than one...enjoy!

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