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In theory, would you consider illegal immigration, and the NAU as the seeds to a U.S. communist uprising ?

I oftenthink of the 2 relating to each other, and if left unchecked the future of our country is grim.


Think outside the box, I have never stated that they were. I was only asking in theory. Don't be close minded to things that could be possible.

And to any one that dis'd my question ... " Go crawl back into your box, the rest of us will be thinking out side of it." .

Update 2:

The march on May 1st, they are supported by " The American workers party", the give a shift in power to the rich, illegal immigration and freetrade both are "helping"to destroy unions, the list goes on.

Update 3:

goman - I have no link, just bits and opices of what I read and seen . Thats whay I asked it as a theroy.

A theroy is a belief that needs to be examined and studied, to see if it is a fact.

At no point did I ever state this as a fact.

Update 4:

Adrian N - WOW Eight Ways to Destroy America

very scary, you can see those steps in place.

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    In theory, sure. The people coming in already have that ideology, many of them. Marches on May Day? I mean, how obvious can you get? One of the organizers was a communist group agitating for a revolution.

    Whether it will actually happen so long as we still have a middle class is a separate issue, but that is why the communists are fine with currently driving down the middle class to desperation as well. Anything that furthers the revolution being better for the 'common good' of their cause that will put THEM in the top 2% as leaders of the revolution, you know.

    However, communism and globalism are not the only two options in this world. May we stay with a third.


    Red Angel, did you research who was running the marches in 2006? Did many of those who marched?

    I did.


    Red Angel, I never said most of the people MARCHING thought that, I said some of the ORGANIZERS thought that. Did you grow up here? What is the significance of 'May Day'? Our labor day is in September. Why was May Day chosen?

    I think the crowd was being used and they are encouraging a crowd they think will be more pliable to being used than is the domestic crowd. I never said they would or would not be successful.

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    Many will call that a conspiracy theory. But whether it's called the NAU or not the outcome is still the same. Do you agree illegals keep our wages depressed by their willingness to work cheaper? If you do consider this...At the NAFTA summit this fall besides the Presidents of all 3 countries representing the people businessmen from the U S were allowed to be present and have input on the policies of NAFTA. Since when does Big Business represent ME or YOU? Why were they allowed to make policies affecting US? They love cheap labor and know the citizens won't do their jobs for pennies. So is the NAU a conspiracy theory or is it already here? But under the guise of illegal immigration. Think about that.

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    [Dog Tricks has a REALLY good point, there.]

    I try to stay away from "conspiracy theories", but when you look at the overall picture: EU, NAU, no rhyme or reason as to why the Fed so blatantly disregards the citizens regarding illegal immigration.... man, it's hard not to wonder, "what's really going on?"

    May Day marches sure as hell don't make me feel any better, either.


    MLK - yeah, very scary! especially knowing that nations throughout history have fallen under some of those same circumstances.

    Source(s): I stole this link from another user today Eight Ways to Destroy America
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    ok, when I first saw this question I thought you fell of yer' rocker. Then I read the post and got me to thinking, I have read articles about May 1st and the immigration rallies, and I seen a post support the illegal aliens from a communist work web site. Would makesence thatthey usethe illegals in a attempt toget active in America .

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    I consider it as the ONE WORLD ORDER uprising. The only people for this crap are the rich. Their standing won't change, they'll still be rich. Our constitution is the only thing standing in the way of this coming to fruition. EU and the NAU are only the stepping stones to this. Look at poor England, they are overrun with undesireables as well, as are many European countries. When all is unionized the UN will come in and stand up for globalization, another name for the rich will inherit the earth!

    Source(s): FUWI
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    Illegal and legal immigration are major components of globalization - taking resources from first world countries to give to third world countries. I am not sure what you mean by a US communist uprising but I am fairly certain there will be a populist uprising.

    Yes, we are skating towards third world status.

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    I am not sure that they relate to one another. However, I am becoming increasingly afraid of the power that our government seems to have, and, its utter disrespect for the Constitution. The fact that they can listen in on our telephone calls, make a mockery of our laws, and, openly diregard our Constitution saying such moronic things like "I am the decider", and, adding that he can interpret the Constitution how he sees fit freaks me out.

    I love this country. I am, however, getting passports for my children immediately. I fear for the ongoing success of this country, and, as such, I fear that we may need to flee before this place burns to the ground.....

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    No i wouldn't. But there is a serious problem with both. I am full on against the NAU and illegal immigration. Go to

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    I fail to see how either illegal immigration or economic cooperation is related to communism. Can you explain the link?

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    Not in theory but in practice

    Not seeds my brother but The FRUIT!!!!!

    We need to pull this thing up by the roots and smack Congress with the good old Constitution of the USA

    Illegals are dependant on gifts from the government. That is socailism. Their existance is completely reliant on the government.

    How is that not socailism

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