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How many people think there needs to be more individualism in world?

Basically not being in groups, even though I think its impossible because as humans its in our nature to group, quantify, and caterogize.

This really isnt a stupid question, I guess I cant indorse this.

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    There would probably be more fighting as people would become more independant of each other.

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    I don't work for anyone. I'm not religious. I don't belong to a political party. I'm not married. I'm not a member of anything. The human race is the only group that I belong to, and it wasn't my decision. There would be less conflicts and wars if we were all individualists. It takes groups of two or more to have an army.

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    hell to the YES~!

    Individualism is an awesome to keep away from "group" things. There are a lot of ppl out there that avoid groups anyhow. I used to thrive on the attention that I received via my pals, but nowadays, I just want to be left the hell alone and bask in my own ways, actions, etc. I don't care to try to "fit in". It sucks and I'd just rather try to satisfy myself than other ppl.

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    I completely agree with you! TOo many cliques and groups and not enough individualism. I pride myself on being different and i love to stand out!

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes i agree, i hate human nature, when will our mental state finally evolve to conquer flawed human nature...

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    All the way

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    1 decade ago

    Always remember, you are unique.

    Just like everyone else.

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