How do u get someone to not be so clingy??

i have a friend that likes me. i have no interest in him that way and he know this. i feel like he needs to give me space though. we got to the same college but we have none of the same classes. he's always popping up where i'm at and sometimes i like his company but at times i wan to b alone. he even go as far as taking the same bus with me. he would rather take the bus that goes to my house want us to walk pass my street so i delay reaching my house. then he has to walk up the street to catch the bus that goes to his house. i try to switch up where i go so he can't find me but its annoying. i want us to b friends and have that vibe but to others we look like a couple and i want to make it appear as friend like as possible. what can i do? i hate him making it his point of duty to come be with me wherever i'm at. if i don't leave he doesn't leave unless he has to which is rare. he doesn't follow me when he knows i'm going to work on school related assignments in the center.

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    Speak up and set some limits. Tell him that you like seeing him sometimes but you also like having your space. It is a right of every person to set up their personal needs for themselves. Say that you don't mind going to school with him maybe twice a week. And that you will have lunch with him one day a week. But otherwise, you need him to start walking or riding the bus on his own. Tell him that he will meet some new people if he is not hanging around you all the time. But more importantly, be clear that these are the things you need. Setting boundaries is a very important thing in life and it will not be the first time you need to make them well known. Just be gentle and polite and you will come across as simply knowing what you want...not bitchy.

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    You need to just say: Hey, I know you like me and everything but I dont feel the same way about you. Your always popping up where I am and it gets annoying sometimes. I need some space. Dont take this the wrong way, I love you but like a friend. It will never be more then that. Sorry.

    If you dont think you can say something like that call him and leave a voicemail, or write him a note.

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    Just tell him u want your space

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    Act like you don't care that he is there, maybe hell follow someone else but be smart don't hang out alone and always call and tell someone were you are. *Be safe collage girl*****

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    tell him not to be so clingy and give you your own space. tell him how you feel and all hope it goes well if you take my advise

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