Average "longevity" has increased all over the world. In your opinions what are the benefits & drawbacks of

this ? I am asking because I think everything has its pros & cons...

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    There are many countries where this is not true at all! The poorest countries in the world have an average life expectancy in the THIRTIES! Far less than half that of the richest countries.

    Benefits - grandparents around to help with childcare and finances for struggling young families. History becomes more personalised because it is the life story of people that you know, not just some dry old stuff in a textbook. Politicians have to pay more attention to the wisdom of old people because they make up a large percentage of voters.

    Increased employment in the care-home sector.

    Drawbacks - increased costs to society and individuals of caring for elderly, frail people. Increase in the diseases of old age which tend to be chronic and cause a lot of long-term, low-level suffering, like arthritis, brittle bones resulting in fractures, dementia, etc. A long retirement to plan for to avoid poverty. Poverty for those who failed to plan! Need to stay in work longer meaning that young people can't get jobs because more experienced people are favoured. People put off having children til their late 30s and 40s because they are still going to be alive to see them grow up, and can't afford to have them younger.

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    More elderly in need of medical care. Higher death rates. The only benefit I see is to the elderly themselves. Now if someone would pay attention to these folks and tap their experience, that would be a benefit.

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