Present for my 76 year-old grandma?

What should I get my gram for Xmas?

She's 76. She LOVES crafting, but has a room full of supplies and such. She likes to do yardwork. She has a computer, but she barely uses it. She has a computerized embroidery machine...

What can I get for my gramma who has everything?


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    Does she like to read? A bookstore gift card would be nice if she does.

    A gift card to a hobby shop or crafts store would be great.

    Or how about a photo album that you have put some photos in of family events & memories with captions you have added to each?

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    If she has a computerized embroidery machine then maybe get her some extra embrodery patterns. You can by them online, they are electronic cards you insert into the machine to get more embroidery templates.

    If your granda likes crafts, why not try and make her something... I am sure she will appreciate the effort and it will let her think of you any time she uses or sees it. Maybe paint her a portrait, or make her a nice necklace or get a paper making kit and make her a nice set of stationary (very easy to make paper).

    You could always get her something sweet, like a bottle of her favorite perfume. This will make her think of you when she smells it and you know she will get use out of it. Does she go get her hair done? Maybe get her a gift certificate to the salon she uses. Or you could always treat her to a manicure and pedicure. My grandma always got a kick out of that stuff when she was still around.

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    4 years ago

    the main precious present you are able to desire to furnish your grandma could be that which basically you are able to supply--a sprint of a while. Spend an hour or 2 along with her and replace her on what's happening on your existence, study some pages in her famous e book, proportion a fave reminiscence or humorous party. Ask her approximately her early years, what your mom/dad turn into like whilst he/she turn into youthful; ask her approximately any nicely-beloved ancestors you are able to desire to have. enable her comprehend how plenty you like and excitement in her, and once you hug her see you later, carry her on your palms some seconds longer than usual. supply her this present and you will get carry of in return a reminiscence of her which will final a life-time.

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    I like the scrapbook ideas previously mentioned (I was going to mention that myself!) but another thing you could do is set up a day for just the two of you to go out to eat, shopping, to a movie or a play, or whatever she likes to do. Most grandparents would be ecstatic to spend a day with their grandkids. You could even get your siblings and/or cousins to join in.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe a book on crafts? Scented candles?

    Candy? Gourmet coffee? Sweater?

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    Make her a scrapbook or photo album with the family history

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    ummmm maybe like one of those Christmas flowers or get a good pic blowed up and frame it or just get a craft book and let the kids color a homemade card.......

  • 1 decade ago

    if she likes drinking Coffee You could get her a pretty coffee cup and fill it with her favorite candy. You could also give her something home made, my great grandma loves homemade stuff from grandchildren.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    spend time with her. maybe do some crafts with her and have lunch

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    some warm slippers

    matching robe

    they Never buy those for themselves

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