I'm looking into getting a Early childhood development degree in another state, will my degree transfer?

I'm looking into a college in Indiana, and I'm getting an associates degree in early Childhood development. My mom asked me if my degree earned in Indiana will allow me to teach here in Ohio, and I'm not sure. Does anyone know?

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    Your degree is not what will let you teach in Ohio -- your teaching license is what's going to allow you to teach. What that means is that you have to pass the requirements for an Ohio state teaching license in your field, or be granted a license by a state that has a reciprocal agreement with Ohio.

    You will likely sit for the licensing exam at the end of your program at your college in Indiana, so what you need to do is talk to the college you're looking at in Indiana and ask if the ECD license in Indiana is reciprocal with Ohio.

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    Your degree will be good anywhere, but you probably need a teaching certificate from the state where you plan to teach. You don't need a teaching cert or even a degree to teach in many private schools, but public schools usually require them. Check with the board of education in the school district of preference.

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    You could contact the licensing commission in the state you plan to work in and see what their requirements are and if your degree will meet those requirements. If you are going to get your AS and then transfer you would need to contact the college you plan to transfer to and see if they would accept the credits you have earned.

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    A degree in teaching is valid in all States, but you must still be certified by states' Deparment of Education. This is usually done through local school boards.

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    Hmmmm......Yahoo! Answers or call the Ohio Teaching Board?

    Yeah, I guess I would have asked this on Yahoo! too.

    I feel sorry for your students.

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    well your best bet is to when you go or you can call and talk to your advisor about it... i kno alot of crdeitsare hard to transfer though..my friends credits are not transferable so id check before you make any decisons

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