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How do I get fuller, poutier lips without surgery or botox injections?

My lips are nice but I'd like them to be just a bit more pouty looking, I've tried alot of plumping lip glosses and none of them seem to give a noticable change in my lips! Does anyone know of any good home remedies that actually WORK WELL or any alternate solutions I can use? I've looked into the injections but it is not something I actually NEED but want and I don't have the money for that, especially because it only last about 3 months or so. Please help! Thank you! =]

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    Have you tried the plumper by DuWop? I hear that one is good, I think it's called Lip Venom.

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    I would recommend Too Faced's Lip Injection range:

    If you put the lipgloss on, your lips will tingle for about 5 minutes, but it stimulates blood flow here, making your lips seem fuller.

    They also do a lip plumping mask which I have yet to try, but given the effectiveness of its other products, I assume it will be good!

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    Go to your local pharmacy and pick up some CARMEX, its a regular old lip balm. It comes in a little tub that you put on with your finger, or a tube. Get the tube, I think its better. Put the carmex on after you've put your regular lipstick on, or just wear it alone. It gives your lips a bee-stung effect. Its awesome! and it costs about a buck or 2. :-)

    **Also, it's got menthol in it so it feels nice when you put it on and it makes your lips SUPER SOFT.

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    put on your lip gloss like usuall but then add a little more to the middle of your bottom lip, it gives it a poutier look

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    I love this stuff that I bought from Target. It works quite well.

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    I hab tried MANY of those "get fuller lips now!" and they do not work...what I found out is just get a lip gloss and it really does work wonders and it's cheap! =) Hope I Helped!!

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    victorias secret has the most awesome plumping lip gloss i sugest you invest in some and its cheap

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    Put vaseline on your lips and use a toothbrush or towel to scrub.

    Make sure you use a lip balm afterwards.

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    try sum lipliner

    nothing to hard core.

    just enough and light enough color to make you lips appear plumper. and then apply your lip gloss.

  • ~I have spent soooo much money falling for all those products that claim to give you fuller lips.....well guess what? THEY DON'T WORK!!!!!!!!

    Don't waste your money honey....

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