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Scientologists; Is 15 too young to join Scientology?

Hi! I'm 15 and very interested in Scientology. I was wondering if 15 was too young to join and what books you recommend to get started? Thank you!!! :)

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    Not too young, and Dianetics (probably in your town library)

    You DO know that you cant start without your parents knowledge? Unlike other religions or self help groups Scientology is very strict about that.

    I would recommend:

    Personal Communications

    Better Studying

    Those would do you alot of good in school. You can probably stop at that point unless you have problems with something like peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, or something blocking you from something that you really want to do. Later in life you can come back for those (besides some of it gets into 1-on-1 counsel time which can get expensive). Actually most people stop at that point.

    Source(s): Im an ex-scientologist
  • Abriel
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    15 is really too young to get involved in any religion where it is really difficult to leave if you change your mind. Scientology is a tough religion to get into and once you are in they will make it hard to leave. At 15 you really don't know what you truly want and your beliefs and views may change...what if 5, 10 years from now you decide you don't want to be a Scientologist anymore? I've heard lots of stories about the hard time people who have tried to leave that church have been through...threats, harassment, stalking. I would wait a couple of years to see if you are interested in Scientology for reasons other than the fact that it's the same religion Tom Cruise and Jason Lee practice. If you are still interested at 20 then go for it.

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    They will tell your parents! And if your parents say no then that is what they will go with!

    If you are trying to change religion to get back at your parents for making to attend theirs then pick any of the others. Well actually I think Catholic and Jews also are sticklers about parents. Become a Witch. Or a Pastafarian. Or a fiery Southern Pentacostal. Those will let you become full members and you can tell your parents when it's too late for them to do anything about it.

    Besides, scientologists all learn how to be really sexy despite how they look. I think 15 might be too young for that also.

    Source(s): I've actually MET many scientologists.
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    I believe that 15 is too young to be able to fully commit to any religion. At 15, your mind is young and easily impressionable. You are not yet as experienced as you will be a little later in life. Religions such as Scientology know this and will take advantage of that fact.

    Please don't be offended, I am not belittling you. When I was 15, I thought I wanted to be Wiccan. The truth of the matter was I did not believe in the religion I was raised in (Christianity) and I was simply looking for something more appealing or interesting. Now that I am a little bit older, I am able to truly discern what my actual beliefs are.

    I am not suggesting that you ignore religion and spirituality all together. By all means, learn as much as you possibly can about as many religions and spiritual paths as your heart desires. But I think 15 is a bit too young to fully commit to a specific religion. Many religions appeal and market themselves to people in your age range. It's best to learn as much as you can about as many religions possible before committing yourself to one that you are not that familiar with.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Add: Any religion that requires large sums of money to become a member is not beneficial to spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is not about money and material possessions.
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  • Harry
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    Any age is wrong for scientology! By all means, study the religion, learn what it is about. Read Dianectics by their founder Ron Howard. But, do not join scientology. Of all the stupid religions out there, scientology is by far the dumbest! Not to mention the fact that the church of scientology has a very seedy reputation.

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    Alright, for starters, there is no age limit for spirituality of any kind. Second, Unless you actually have a source of income, I seriously doubt that the scientologists will have time of day for you.

    I do seriously suggest that you read books about cults and their psychological inner workings and then compare what you've learned with scientology before you make your decision.

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    Unless Scientology has changed radically since I wandered past it in the 70's it is terribly expensive. It was outside my budget then even to check out. Good luck on your search.

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    Follow Free Radical's advise about scientology except do not go out and join any religion; you do not need religion in your life because it is all nothing but lies and fiction.


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    At 15 you probably aren't an ideal member because you don't have enough money to raise in their ranks. If Zero Cool answers this, you should read what she has to say about Scientology (very informative) and then get out while you still can.

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    100 is too young to join.

    Here's a book I recommend: "The Age of Reason" by Thomas Paine.

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