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Can you go to jail for not paying a rental bill?

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    No. But the debtee can go to court to get an order to have your wages garnished. This could end up costing you more than what you owe once you include court fees.

    Plus the judgement will affect your credit rating.

  • shaRT
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    1 decade ago

    No, the worst that can happen is:

    1) You can get evicted.

    2) Have your wages garnished for the debts you owe.

    3) Be sued in court by the landlord.

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    No, but they will turn you in to a credit collection agency. Then if its not paid, you will get a judgement against you, making it impossible to ever buy a house, or any substantial purchase until it is paid in full!

  • Alex
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    1 decade ago

    No, but you may be evicted.

    If it is a furniture rental, they will come and get it.

    In either case, they may take you to small claims court

    to re-coup the amount owed.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, eliminating jail time for debt holders is the second most important reason this country was founded.

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    Apartment rental? will just be evicted.

    Product rental? why...are you asking us if it is ok to skip out on your responsibility?

  • Kikki
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    1 decade ago

    No but you should pay your rent your not being fair to the land lord! If you cant pay your rent get off the computer and work!!!!

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    Not in the US.

    Except if you wrote a bad check for it, then yes.

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    After a sertan period of time you will get warned. if it goes on for months they will kick you out.

  • 1 decade ago

    Nope but u can live on da streetz!

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