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What was the German reaction to the treatyof versailles peace settlement?

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    French losses : 1.5 million dead, 4.3 millions wounded (11% of total population, more than 50% of adult male population).

    Destruction of most of north of France. The French population recovered totally from that war in 1960.

    The French wanted the Germans to pay for what they had done, not only then but when they had won the 1870 war and deliberately ruined France and took two of its provinces away (sounds familiar?). Took France 30 years to recover economically. So the French decided it was payback time. Clemenceau decided to destroy as much as possible the German threat because he knew that France couldn't fight another war for a long time and even then he was not sure if the Brits would stay their ally (remember, they allied in 1904 only). With the traditional Russian ally busy with a revolution and the US showing quite clearly it was there for the power and money (threat to pull out their troupes if they did not head the peace treaty meetings, demand that the ruined European countries start to reimburse their debt now...) Clemenceau felt he had to make his best to keep his country safe. Wrong choice, wrong calculation.

    The Germans had suffered heavy losses too but proportionally less than the French and the fight never reached their land. So despite the fact that they had lost they couldn't swallow the bitter pill, because they still had that illusion that their country was intact. (that was the birth of the rumour that Germany had never lost that war but was betrayed by the generals, on which Hitler fed his followers). Those who signed the treaty knew that they had no choice, riots in Germany, their army exhausted, their supplies exhausted... but that was not something the rest of Germany accepted and the reaction was utter rejection. They never felt held by that treaty and taught their children that they were treated unfairly, that they had been sold out and betrayed. Splitting their country in two to give Poland access to the sea made sure that the rage and shame never healed. The economic crisis that came with the withdrawal of US capitals made sure as well that the wounds stayed wide open.

    Even then people spoke against that short minded tactic but noone listen. There is a cartoon of that time showing people coming out of the talks and a baby crying. The caption is : The next generation crying about the next war in 20 years.

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    Their stomach dropped and they felt like they just swallowed a horse pill. Eventually their reaction was to rebel against it and as a result we ended up with another world war.

    Come the end of world war two the allies used a better judgment in the surrender of Germany.

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    Nothing, at first. For they were not in position to do or even to say anything. They just felt deeply humiliated since French half occupied Germany as Clemenceau unabashedly wanted it; against all contrary recommendations of U.S. President Wilson who even got sick with that.

    That's how they got this grudge against French in particular, and why German were so willing to follow Hitler who promised a renewed national pride.

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    Invading Poland was after they made a non-aggression pact with the Soviets in the 30's.

    The Germans were not happy since they had to give back land and any colonies they had previously taken.

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    Invade Poland

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    "Das Bumsen der Scheiße! Ich kann nicht glauben, dass wir unsere Esel uns so hart reichen ließen, thet müssen wir uns beugen und von der Ruhe der Welt vergewaltigten Kolben bekommen. Oh so, glaube ich, dass wir es verdienen, denkend, dass wir einem verrückten Scheißesel dufus ins Starten eines globalen Krieges folgten.

    Das ist Frankreich ganz richtig, Sie können unsere Esel ebenso hart bumsen, wie Sie wollen. Wir brauchen keinen Vasoline!"

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    If you can't read "Punch and Grope's" antwort above, it isn't positive or favorable. LOL

    Germany signed the Treaty under protest, and it was a main cause for Hitler gaining power and World War II . 'Nuff said.

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    To go lick their wounds and in bitterness plan WW2.

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    The got upset! hello WORLD WARZ!!!!

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