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I'd like to give an APPOINTMENT to the DEVIL?

on december the 8th place de la Bastille, on the stairs of the Opera, Paris France

come on .. unless you're scared?

I know were you are..

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    the devil is real and he will not come when you wish he will make him self known to you when he says it is time

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    (8) December (12) (2007) 8+12+07 = 27 - 2+7=9 THE NUMBER OF REOCCURRANCE. Lower stairs on the opera house has 36 steps. You will find on the 9th step the answer you seek. HE invented chewing gum!

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    You are either trying to be funny or you are just brainwashed by some religion. No such things as devil exist, nor satan etc. These were all made up words used to frighten the uninformed ignorant person a couple thousand years back, to make them believe in Catholicism. No Jesus is not real nor any of the Josephs nor Marys, John The Baptist etc; the entire NT story is fictional. When one worships Jesus that person is worshipping Emperor Titus as well as Josephus.


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    Have you read the Key of Solomon clavicula. If you can perform that then you will see him.

    Source(s): 12 + 13 = 25 or contact Red Elk, he needs the money.
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    You're insaine if you want to mess w/ a lower level demon LET ALONE THE DEVIL HIMSELF!!!!!

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    why would you want to meet the devil? It isn't good to call him, why not just seek god?

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