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Women (unless you really want to know men lol) have you ever had a period as bad as this? I am worried.?

Last night I was suddenly jolted awake by my uterus. No kidding, it was like someone had stabbed me. Intense pain lasted for at least half an hour, although I have no idea as I was soon writhing on the floor in the bathroom because I thought I might throw up. Which I did. Hubby had already told me he was going to bring me to the hospital and had just given me some alleve, which I threw up. I couldn't think straight due to the pain but told him I was fine (on the basis that I have thrown up before very occasionally with my period and have had horrible cramps, but never this bad) After what seemed like a very long time, the alleve finally kicked in (I took a few more) and lied in bed with my heating pad, which didn't do much but to distract me. Anyway, here's my problem. We're trying to conceive and I plan to have a non medicated birth, but now I feel I can't do it. I would have done anything last night to stop that mind numbing pain. Does anyone think I can still have a natural birth?


I wasn't sure if I should post this in the pregnancy department, but I thought here might be more suitable. Thanks all. I'm recovering as we speak with my warm laptop on my tummy. My cat was so scared last night he was meowing up a storm, how sweet! At least I know these two guys care about me.

Update 2:

P.s.~ went to the doctors and surprisingly enough wasn't pregnant. Last month it was pretty bad too.

Update 3:

Also, a few months ago I did have a very early miscarriage and had a fairly painless experience (physically anyway) I wonder if this is because of my progesterone that I've been taking since ovulation now that I think of it?

Update 4:

It wasn't a cyst it was my period I'm sorry to say. Right on the mark, 28 days from my last one. It felt like a period, just a really intense one. Oh well, thanks ladies.

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    If you are trying to conceive, it's very possible that what you describe was actually a miscarriage. You should be checked out to know for sure. Good Luck.

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    You probably had an ovarian cyst that ruptured. This happened to me twice. One just on it's own, like what happened with you. And the other ruptured because I fell down the stairs on the ice. I didn't go to the ER with either because there is nothing they can do but give you a pain pill, and it's not dangerous - just something that happens to women. Pregnancy usually causes any ovarian cysts to disappear (they aren't getting fed any hormones during) and I asked if I had any on the ultrasound and they said no cysts. You can certainly still have a natural birth.... we were planning on one, but ended up with a placental abruption/emergency c-section.... but from what I hear just because you have horrible periods or other "female" problems does not mean birth is going to be unbearable for you, and vice-versa.... just because period stuff is always easy for you does not exempt you from having a horrible birth. Everybody is different, and I say you should give it a shot! Just my word of advice though - go ahead and do the hospital tour even if you are planning a homebirth, and make a plan for a hospital, b/c we had NO idea we'd end up there and if we had known we would have chosen a different hospital and let them know I wanted to breastfeed... they totally screwed that up by giving him pacifiers and bottles and I never could break him of it. But I digress - you will do fine!!

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    It sounds like the flu.

    With the natural birth part, every woman who says they will do a natural birth changes their minds while going through it.

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    sure you can.

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