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I'm due in late March with my first. I've decided to breastfeed exclusively for the first 3 months as I've decided to take the full 12 weeks off of work. (As allowed by FMLA) I have to go back after that. My question is what is your experience with breastfeeding and bottlefeeding (with breast milk) at the same time? Do baby's seem to take to both at the same time ok? I'm worried that once I start the bottle, my baby won't want to nurse. Any advice or experience you could give me would be highly appreciated.

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    If you are going to breastfeed it's recommended not to start your baby on bottles until breastfeeding is well established, usually around 4 weeks. This will avoid nipple confusion. Some babies are able to switch back and forth with no problems, while others have a hard time with it. During the week I breastfeed my daughter in the morning and at night and she gets bottles of my milk during the day at the baby sitter's. On weekends or holidays I exclusively breastfeed my baby. So, on Mondays sometimes the sitter has a hard time getting her to take the bottle b/c she's had the breast all weekend, but by the 2nd or 3rd bottle that day she is fine. Before we started my daughter in day care she would willingly take a bottle from me or my husband, now she only takes them for the sitter, so we are working on that.

    Don't worry too much about it. It's still early. And every baby is different. So just do what works for you :) Good luck

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    I've exclusively breastfed my baby since he was born and around a month I introduced the bottle because it was my husbands birthday and we wanted to go out to dinner, since than I have been able to still breastfeed and once in a while if I have a doctors appointment or my husband and I want to go shopping without him (like black friday) insane! I just pump enough milk for a few feedings and his grandparents would give him the bottle. My lactation consultant told me to introduce the bottle to him when he is nursing really good and isn't having any problems and it's been at least 5-6 weeks. He does very well on both, but all babies are different. I say introduce it to him like a week or so before you go back to work incase he refuses it and you have some time to work with him.

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    All babies and moms are different but in my case, especially with my second one, I nursed and bottle fed both, that way Grandma or daddy could feed too for that all important bonding time. While you are in hospital the nurses should be willing to sit with you and help you until you are comfortable with your nursing AND with pumping. The more relaxed you are when you coddle your child the more likely he will take you or the bottle. I also would hold him like he was nursing and slip the bottle in. I have two boys (grown now) and neither one really cared (although I have heard some children will only take one or the other) what they were sucking on, as long as their little bellies were being fed! Good luck! I am sure you will do just fine!

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    Some babies can do both bottle and breast, but some get a little confused. I would once you switch to the bottle just keep pumping. But try it. It never hurts to try something. If you feel your baby isn't getting it you know then to stick with the one. I breast feed my daughter til she turned 2. She did fine once I started her on the juice. She knew to take the juice from her sippie or bottle and then when it came to breast feeding she was good. Good Luck and I hope this helped....

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    I pumped with both my girls, and went back to work when my first was only 3 months. And both girls went from breast to bottle,and back to breast with no problem. Food was food as far as they were concerned. Good luck! My only piece of advice is to pump regularly to keep up your milk supply, so you are able to nurse as long as you want. Congratulations!

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    My daughter is strictly breastfed, she's never had formula but on occasion, I do pump bottles for her and feed her. She's never had a single issue with it. She's taken both bottle and breast perfectly fine. I use the Playtex Nursers, because they most resemble the breast and it's less confusing for the baby.

    Good luck!

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