have you....?

ever had somthing completely wierd in your family. like your cousin asks you out or you catch your dad molesting your little cousin. my friend cought his brother wacking it to his sister in her shower. she didnt know he was looking through the little window in his restroom.i was just wondering if that type of stuff ever happens to other people.just curious.


i really really agree with my little diva.

Update 2:

oh and i stopped being his friend cuz that really grossed me out. i got traumatized like for abou aweek i couldnt even stop thinking about it i finally got over it. that is somthing i will never forget. it was horrible. i remember when i first met him his sister liked me and i liked her i didnt know anything about that though.till he told me about his brother. did i mention his sister is only 10 yrs old. and his brother is like18. im 16 my friend which is not anymore was 17.

Update 3:


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    1 decade ago
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    welll thats pretty gross. i got asked out by my second cousin (not blood) but still its gross. and deff. not normal, i guess some people are desprite (sp) or they are just nasty perverts with no life, insest is wrong.

  • 1 decade ago

    No that is not normal. That is disgusting!!! Is the sister being forced to do this or she enjoys this? That family needs a little help! Although, the family may not even know what is going on... Normal people don't do that to their family...

  • 1 decade ago

    A brother doing his sister? Lord help us.

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