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Why is the that now i have a girlfriend my taste in girls has completly changed ?

Im in highschool and For some reason since I started dating my girlfriend who is a white female(im a white male), I have started approaching girls alot more, this is normal IMO because she has boosted my confidence but the strange this is these girls are completely different than what i usually hangout with. Ive been talking to a real sweet east indian girl, a girl who i turned down last year and a girl who is 2 grades below me.

2 months ago i wouldent have tried talking to them because they just werent my type... but now i feel real attracted to them but i can control the attraction!!! im not going to cheat so dont say something to me about it.

Is the reason im talking to them suddenly because I want something different than what I have? or is it because I have just now realized that I was being too picky? or is it because I have had a confidence boost and now approach people i wouldent have(but that doesnt explain the ex-girl)?

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    Look its all of that and more when you go out with someone you and that person change. I went out with this one girl and the next thing you know she is talking more and not being shy. But now YOU have a confidence boost and you feel like you can have almost anyone. Plus you can't control what you might feel for someone.

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