Doesn't the Christmas song "Twelve Days of Christmas" seem a bit inappropriate?

One the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ...

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ...

It goes all the way up to the twelfth day, but how can is that possible when Christmas is only for one day?


To the person that said I'm thinking too much -- whatever. I am simply asking a question. Either you can answer it or you choose not to. Who said I was making a big deal out of anything. I honestly didn't know that some religions celebrate twelve days of Christmas. If I knew then I wouldn't ask.

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    It began when people held "twelfth night" parties. Back in the day, there were originally twelve days of Christmas celebrated. And in some areas/countries might still be for all that matter. The first night of Christmas is December 25, and Twelfth Night is January 5. It's also known as Christmastide. The twelfth night party would be held on the evening of January 5 and into the morning hours of January 6th. So the song was (and is) extremely relevant and appropriate. I believe the twelve days of Christmastide denotes the time between the birth of Christ (Christmas, Dec 25) and the coming of the Magi (Epiphany, Jan 6).

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    The tradition I follow includes 12 days in the Christmas season. The Christmas season goes from Christmas day on December 25th until Epiphany on January 6th. Epiphany is the day we remember the Magi visiting the infant Jesus, it's also called Twelfth Night or Three Kings Day in other cultures.

    The song celebrates the traditional 12 days of Christmas, the days between when we remember the birth of Jesus until the day we remember the visit of the Magi.

    Source(s): Epiphany Glossary of Religious Terms
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    There ARE twelve days of Christmas. The song is an old fashioned song from a time when, (like Easter)Christmas was celebrated as a feast day with celebrations of the Catholic Church. The first day began on the 25th day of Dec.

    and continued on into January. There was something to celebrate each day..

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    The twelve days of Christmas begin on December 25 and end on January 6th, the first day of Epiphany. It is part of the church calender year.

    The song was written originally as a love song and was then changed to teach different aspects of the church with each corresponding number is a church symbol.

    For example the "12 drummers drumming" symbolize the 12 disciples of Christ.

    Check out the link below for more info.

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    It is an old and old-fashioned song. Some cultures do celebrate twelve days of Christmas. The first day of Christmas is December 25th, presents start out small and get larger.

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    There are like 12 days of christmas though. From christmas eve till the 5th of January when you take your tree down.

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    well, this might be as in interpretations for love between the people which also symbolizes love for God. I personally feel strange about this one, but thats just me. Secondly, i think this song reflects a Puritan tradition somehow. May be its imbedde in the American culture.

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    It's an old song...and there ARE 12 days of Christmas. Why are you worrying yourself over something like this anyways?

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    It's a freakin' Christmas song written a long time ago. Why worry about it? Perhaps you are thinking too much. Go out and enjoy the holidays. :)

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    Oh, you've barely begun to comment on the impropriety in that song. Some of the gifts are maids-a-milking, lords-a-leaping, pipers piping; these "gifts" are HUMAN BEINGS!

    That's slavery!

    But you're right: one day of Xmas is plenty.

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