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why does one's navel stink?

what can you do to prevent the area to smell? and how can you tell someone it stunk?

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    It's nice and dark, warm, and often a little moist in there, which is like a big party house for stinky bacteria. It's also one area that is frequently overlooked or forgotten during bathing.

    If you know someone who's got a bit of a smell coming from the belly button, bring up belly button washing in a kind-of silly conversation with the person. Say something like, "Does it feel funny to you when you clean your belly button with a Q-tip too?" If the person confesses that he/she never thought about cleaning it before, be understanding, and tell the person they should clean it with soap & water or rubbing alcohol with a Q-tip to prevent bacteria from growing in there.

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    Uh,mmm, soap ? And why are you smelling someone's belly button ?

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    Wash dat ting!

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    i clean mine with a q-tip.....

    don't smell it

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