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can you help me?

whats a good way to motivate someone to donate money to ACS american cancer society?

what should i tell them?


i'm NOT going TO FORCE ANYONE. I just have to give a speech about it

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    Look at the ACS website, learn the figures to break it down to the number of deaths related to certain types. People are more likely to help if they think it would benefit them in some way, also let people know it's tax deductible.

    Personal experience leads most people to a cause: does the person know someone with cancer and would they like someone to help find a cure? that's usually the easiest approach for most causes.

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    In my opinion, you shouldn't have to motivate someone to donate money to the Cancer Society [or to anything for that matter]. Donations should be done all your own will, with a good mind and heart. However, you can give them a scenario and see if that might help?

    ex. What if your mother had cancer and she needed help.. etc

    Good Luck

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    First off all I think that when people want to give donate money they do it without motivation or when they are concerned by cancer. At the other side we may not forget that one day we all can have a cancer.

    I hope that you find a way but to much pressure is not good.

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    A lot of people don't donate money because they don't know if the money their giving is actually going to help someone or if people who aren't sick are just getting a profit. I'm the type of person who likes to help but if i don't know for sure my money is going to actually help someone then i won't donate. My family has history of cancer and my aunt is actually suffering from cancer in her bones and lungs. Just think about what i said and have a blessed day.

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    Show them all the good the money will do and show them what cancer can do to someone. The problem is they will donate if they want to and no one can force them to do it if they don't want to. Good luck its a good cause

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    My grandmother passed away from colon cancer in 2000. Cancer is right up there with Aids as far as a disease that has "no cure". Yeah, it can go into remission but it comes back and it comes back with a vengeace. Nowadays, if a person doesn't have cancer, they know someone who does, so you could appeal to them in that way. We do need more research and answers as to why "The Big "C" is taking so many of our loved ones away before their time. I'll keep you in my prayers. God Bless.

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    You have a challenge there... as others have told you.

    I started to donate to the Breast Cancer Association about 2 years ago, but I no longer will donate to them.

    I have been a recipient of their programs, and to show my appreciation I sent them a single $20. donation 2 years ago.

    They use a 3rd party group for their donation solicitations, instead of doing it in-house. Since that donation, I have been subjected to monthly phone calls soliciting donations for various Cancer groups, Veterans groups, etc. They block their caller ID. They call 3-6 times per week till they reach me. Sometimes when I pick up the phone, they're too busy so they don't get on the line to talk to me.

    I'm not called once a year only, each group they call for, they call me once every 2-3 months. I resent this pressure. One group will call me one month, then next time it's supposedly a different Breast cancer group, though they ALL refer to my "prior generous donation", even though I've only donated to ONE organization one time!

    They call for donations for Viet-Nam veterans about 3 times each year.

    I suspect it's a single third-party company who calls to solicit donations for multiple organizations and they put my phone no. in on ALL their lists, in spite of my complaints. When they take me off the list, they put me back on after a couple of months and call me again. They are calling me this month, over the last 2 weeks. When I am there and pick up the phone, they don't talk to me. When they get my recorder they do not leave any message.

    So, if you work for ACS, you might be able to guarantee them that this is an annual drive ONLY for donations. If you work for one of the third-party groups that collect donations for ACS, then you cannot tell them that because it is a lie and you cannot change company policy.

    When a person says "I cannot donate", if you accept it, they are more likely to donate next year to the drive. If you try to pressure them to donate a different, and smaller amount, then you will lose them as future donors because it's offensive to say "no" and have it not accepted.

    You could ask them if they'd be agreeable to your sending them a donation card so that, if finances change, they might be able to send a donation later. That's ok. But trying to push to get a COMMITMENT of an amount they WILL donate is a pressure tactic and you lose them in the end by doing that.

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    You can't really force anyone to "donate" to to charity is just

    Just try to stress what a good cause it is, and how many people the donation will be helping.

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    tell them how much by donating alittle cash can help to save someones life and if they where sick or one of their love ones are wouldn't they want people to help i always help because my mom has cancer she has had it for 17 years thanks to all those people that where so kind to help i hope your friend will also be so kind ,with out help from others she would already be gone .Thank u to all the people who donate to the ACS

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