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Would you say my life sucks just by the following?

I wake up, go to college, and am distracted by girls. I want a girlfriend but the first thing that every comes to mind is seeing them naked and thier bodies. Ive talked to girls that are easy to talk to, but those dont meet attractiveness the way i want. There is this one girl i like but i just dont know what to say to her....i dont know her. I procrastinate. i am alone at my house most of time. Im always reading. I am always on the internet wasting time.I feel stupid. Im too small because im 5'3'' and picked on and made fun of since then. People think im creepy and weird which only lowers my self esteem. I want friends but I dont know how to make strong friendships. I have pathetic friends who cant help me with my problems,...because they suck at life just like i do. I have so much work to be done but im lazy, stupid, and undetermined to get it all done before deadlines. I have dreams and talent but it is smashed and smighted by my dysfunction and the people around me..what do i do.

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    wow, I'm sorry to hear that.

    Just act confident and people will will notice

    and hopefully things will get better

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    I say don't worry so much about what other people think. Don't obsess so much on meeting the hottest girl. Most of them are superficial. If you really want to meet that special someone, try to find someone that you can talk to and that shares your interests. Your in college, take time to concentrate on getting through it. If you really want to make your life better, you have to work at it. Nothing comes easy, hard work and determination are what will accomplish things for you...

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    Your life does not suck. you are you harshest critic. Thus, making what everyone else says obselete. Now that you don't care what anyone else thinks, think better about yoourself. Sound corny? Sorry it's true. Determination comes with purpose and you have one. A little confidence and you'll be alright.

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    Dear Loser,

    You have two choices based on your comments:

    (A) Open a college porn website.

    (B) Jump off a bridge.

    Personally, I'd opt for the website option.

    Listen, all kidding aside, google "short Hollywood stars".

    You see that a LOT of them are short like you.

    Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of fight in the dog.

    Now go make that website..

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    Get some help.

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    that is really sad becuase you have the mindset that your life sucks, so it does. dont worry be happy, or fake it til you are!

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    believe in yourself it sounds like a cliche i know but it will take you a long way...

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