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So why did CNN give a Hillary staffer the mic for 5mins in the Republican Debate last night?

Keith Kerr, the gay soldier that had the floor for 5 mins was determined by CNN to be a Hillary plant after the debate of course.



I am not knocking the mans service to our country, nor the fact that he is gay. Just think this is why the Dems won't go on FOX News. Notice how the canidates handled it well.

Update 2:

Songbryd...The question is legitimate. I don't believe they didn't know what they were doing. They Flew him from California to Florida, you are trying to tell me that that CNN a news organization maybe the biggest, didn't know who he was. CNN doesn't have google? Google Keith Kerr..go ahead I'll wait. CNN isn't that big of a news company that they can't google. Please it could have came from any other gay military person, not a Clinton Staffer.

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    they got the nickname "Certainly Not Neutral" for a reason.

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    This isn't really a question, it is a rant. His question was not 5 minutes long, though it raised an issue that took that time.

    The fact that this is a rant by you can be determined by "Keith Kerr, the gay soldier that had the floor for 5 mins was determined by CNN to be a Hillary plant AFTER THE DEBATE OR COURSE. (Emphasis's added).

    You want answers that was attack Hillary and CNN.

    CNN has apologized for missing it.

    I am sorry that you feel a plan was hatched to embarrass the GOP Candidates with a question that has been going on for the last 100 years at least. Don't you want to see where your candidates stand on that issue?

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    I thought the debate was for individuals to pose questions to the candidates. What Keith Kerr gave was not a question, it was a rebuke and speech about his own position.

    Don't ask, don't tell has been policy since Clinton, it is not an important deal. The rebuke speech was allowed to make the Republicans look old fashioned or out of date.

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    That article somehow implies that the man was a "Hillary Plant" ? Downright hilarious. Now I know why the conservative element is losing power in this nation at a high rate.

    In the event that you do not comprehend what a 'plant' is, it would be someone who was 'planted' at the debates by the Clinton campaign. There is no indication that such occurred. Mr. Kerr is free to go where he wants.

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    I love how so many people dont understand the issue. It is that the guy was gay or a member of the military that is the issue. The issue is that he was a plant by a democrat candidate's campaign. There is a difference between an average citizen coming in and a political operative.

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    Well, look how evenhanded CNN is behaving with these ‘debates’.

    For the Democratic ‘debate’ they had Democratic activists planted in the audience posing as ‘undecided voters’

    For the Republican ‘debate’ they had Democratic activists planted in the audience posing as ‘undecided voters’

    Is that equal treatment, or what?

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    And there are those who will defend CNN as unbiased still. CNN knew and approved the Hillary plants in advance as they have in the past. Wild guess what story CNN will never cover!

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    It's not like that question wasn't handled well and didn't even make the candidates hesitate with their answers... It's sad how low Hillary will go.. I kind of feel sorry for her as she knows she has no chance of winning unless she plays dirty.

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    Because CNN is liberal and biased - prone to do something that will help the liberal cause. They need to be fired.

    Ladies and gentlemen, please don't elect those sneaky, rotten Democrats. We all know that Bush let us down, but this will only make things ten times worse.

    There are some great Republican candidates. I look at that guy Huckabee and he touches my heart. You'd have to be insane to vote for a Hillary over someone like that, and in severe need of Electroshock Therapy (with the machine cranked to number 10 on the dial, the maximum voltage).

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    Its an old trick that they have learnt from the UK BBC. If you have to give a political party that the program editor doesn't like air time then introduce another news item in the middle of the broadcast.

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    Very few things happen in the broadcast industry by accident.

    Every minute of television is paid for by someone selling garbage to America. Whether a green fuel car are a shinning star politician they are a commercial products.

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