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My brother is a little slow and got two gurls pergnant how should i act???????

he left "S" to be with "B" ;"S" is having a boy and "B" is a ho and my whole family hates her she is a ***** so how should i react to my brother.

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    suggest you wear condom around him before you end up pregnant too lol.

    But seriously don't know if he's your older or younger brother, has someone explained the facts of life to him or has he got a couldn't care less attitude, has anyone tried sitting down and talking to him about the pregnancies?

    Good luck sweetheart

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    You didn't say how old you or your brother are nor if you have a father living at home. Your father or someone needs to have a serious talk with your brother about responsibility for a child if he gets a girl pregnant. It makes absolutely no difference whether you and your family like the second girl or not. The important thing is the child.

    I don't know what state you live in, but I think in some states that if an older child is severely retarded the parents with a certificate from a doctor can have the child sterilized. That might be the best bet.

    As far as how you should act around him, my advice is don't get in bed with him.

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    The only thing you can do for your brother is let him choose his own life. There is nothing you can do for him. He is making own choices and is going to live the consequences of his actions, until he realizes that he has to change his ways.

    I feel you can help yourelf though. You have a long life ahead of you and I feel that will be able to make something of your life if you change your language. Do you know that in my whole life I have never called anybody a ***** neither have I heard any of my six children say that. You have a future yourself, and you could make a lot of good out of it, if you live a life, that entails love, not dislike and hate. Hating only hurts the person that is doing the hating.

    By the way when I read your first sentance I had to smile, "MY brother is a little slow and got two girls pregnant"

    In my estimations is that he hasn't been a "little slow" he has acted to fast without thinking of the consequences/

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    Buy him some condoms and send him to sex education classes! If he keeps having unprotected sex with girl after girl he is eventually going to catch an STD. I hate to say it but it sounds like he is not very responsible. One kid is a lot to start with and now there are going to be two! If i were you i would get on him and make sure he doesn't turn into a deadbeat dad and be sure he gives those kids what they deserve. I do have a problem with people like that and i have always said "The ones who shouldn't be reproducing are and the ones that should be reproducing are smart enough to wait until they have the resources to take care of a child".

    The best advice i can give you is to knock some sense into your brother. It doesn't sound like he is that old and therefore probably doesn't realize the consequences he is about to witness in the near future. Whether or not his new gf is a s*ut should not matter as much as the life of these children he is about to bring into the family. Your family should get together and sit your brother down to have a talk about the children because there is power in numbers and he will respond better.

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    Not up to you to react to your brothers situation....he did these things not you. The family needs to stop hating "B" takes two to make a baby so your family needs to accept he is just as responsible for this mess. He needs to be educated on birth control.

  • first learn to spell then teach him what a condom is and how to use it contraception is really important and as for your mum she might hate this girl but she need to look closer to home it takes 2 to make a baby and where was she when the birds and the bees talk was needed

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    What do you mean slow? Slow in pulling-out his di** or slow in doing withdrawal method that's why he got 2 girls pregnant at the same time?

    Whoah that's tough, He should have used condoms always... lots of them... but it's too late.

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    Treat him with love and respect. No matter what he's done, he is still your brother. And these children will be your nieces and nephews. They will someday look to you for guidance. Set an example of forgiveness and understanding.

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    If i were in the same situation i would say that u should wipe B's butt just tell ur brotha to get another job and stay out of it after u wipe b butt lol

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    i think "a little slow" is quite a euphemism here.

    getting two "gurls pergnant" is a very serious transgression, you should talk to him seriously.

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