What percentage of fertilized embryos result in pregnancy?


Helene, yes they can tell. It's a matter of collecting the menstruation and testing for chemicals that are released when fertilization occurs.

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    they don't really know.

    there's something called a "chemical pregnancy" which *almost* is a pregnancy, but it doesn't implant properly & results in a very early miscarriage. so early many women did not even know they were pregnant. it's "estimated that as much as 50% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage before a woman is aware that she was pregnant."

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    You do realize there's no way to actually CHECK that, don't you?

    Perhaps someday, a large test group of women will volunteer to have tiny cameras implanted in various places in their uteruses and fallopian tubes, and after watching for fertilization and implantation for a few decades, statisticians will have enough of a sampling to give reliable percentages.

    Edit: Jesus (if you won't mind my calling you that)--- You asked "what percentage". There's no way to even guess accurately without an extremely large sampling of sexually active women in their childbearing years. Statistics are only good for large numbers. I have yet to hear of large numbers of women going to have their menstrual blood tested every month.

    It is also my understanding that the hormones don't change unless the egg implants. As you surely know, many fertilized eggs do not implant. If you weren't counting those, you should have said so.

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    100% If an egg (a fertilized egg is an embryo so lets get that straight) is fertilized then it's a pregnancy. Whether or not that pregnancy will progress to a full term baby is a different issue.

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    It depens on the men and women. Some are more fertil than others. It also depends on what sort of contraseptaves the couple have been useing as well. By the way... your a handsome man! Happy Holidays!

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    40-60% of fertilized eggs end in really early pregnancy, usually because of chromosomal problems. usually before the women even knows she is pregnant.

    Source(s): "What to expect when you are expecting"
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    regardless of if that's purely been each and every week because of the fact you had intercourse its probable not being pregnant, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that in case you have been having intercourse oftentimes sufficient interior the final 2 months that's conceivable which you're pregnant it purely does not be from each and every week in the past. you may consistently take a being pregnant try, regardless of if that's damaging go see your well-being care expert. it may additionally be your techniques enjoying tricks on you enormously while you're attempting to get pregnant.

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    100%.... now that fluctuates when refering to live births

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