How long does it take for an auto shop to change a muffler?

I have a lifetime guarantee on my muffler and it fell off. According the the guarantee, I only have to pay for labor.

So assuming I can get my car right on the lift, how long should it take to change the muffler?

I'm just curious to see if they'll try and rip me off.


Omgah, I just took it in, they quoted me $128!!! WTF?

I'm taking it somewhere else. Thats ridiculous by what you all are telling me.

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    Most shops will have a flat rate for this type of service. Most likely more time that the job will actually take.

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    It'll usually take about a 1/2 hour of actual work, although it depends on the vehicle and how difficult it is to get at the remains of the old one and remove it. It can also take longer if the pipe where it was attached has been bent or otherwise damaged when the muffler fell off. However, generally it's a fast enough job that it's worth waiting for it instead of picking it up later.

    Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Depends on the type of car. Most shops charge by the job, called a RATE job. So if it takes 45 mins. you might pay for 1.5 hrs. If it takes 2 hrs you may still only pay 1.5 hrs.

    How long has the muffler been on the car? If it is under a certain time than the whole job could be free due to error on the installation.

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    My guess is there's nothing wrong with the muffler. The pipe going into or coming out of the muffler (not the ones that's part of the muffler) is the one that rusted and broke. THAT'S what you'll have to pay for. (Plus labor) A good muffler shop can fix this pretty quick but you'll have to wait your turn. It's usually first come, first served.

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    on average abotu 20 minutes or less but you gonna pay for at least a hours worked but your muffler wouldnt fall off unless somethign was wrong with the pipe it was connected to or the hangers were bad in any case 128 may be fair they may see some damage that we dont know about all shops arent lookin to get over on customers

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    Not to sound rude, but it really depends on the model of car you drive and who's doing the work. Normally, it's a waiting type installation. Personally suggest that you call a few muffler shops and get some ideas to satisfy your questions. Good Luck and God Bless....

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    only about 25 min,especially with a lift.ive done many types of muffler on many different types of cars,trucks.even if the torches had to be taken out.but they will soak you at least an hours worth of labor which is usually what most charge.price for hourly rate depends on garage/dealer.if i were to change it i would charge about 40 dollars.

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    1 decade ago

    half an hour... unless you want to do the whole exhaust system, that will take some time.

  • 1 decade ago

    A couple hours!

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