Why the Jesus myth was created?

Considering that Jesus never existed, What was the purpose of making such a character and why?

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    Satan has you believing it is a myth.....to send you to hell......

    hope you come to your senses before it is too late

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    Most powerful myths or legendary characters come about as the representation of a power struggle between oppressed peoples and their oppressors. In that general time period, the Romans where oppressing the heck out of the Jews by imposing their beliefs and laws. Older myths were adapted for timely purposes and the events surrounding Jesus described in the Bible and other documents were conveniently written many many years after they supposedly happened. Sometimes extraordinary stories are needed in extraordinary times to keep people motivated against a common threat.

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    There's a lot of people that deny the Holocaust ever happened , but denial of the facts doesn't make it so.

    Jesus did in fact exist, and He exists still. Denial doesn't change the facts.

    All the Apostles were martyrs, do you really think they would have endured painful deaths as they did for a lie? They walked with Jesus, they saw all He did.

    Had it been a fraud, they would have recanted before they were slain. None did. That's because they knew Jesus was the real thing.

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    The Mystery Cults spread throughout the Mediterranean area. Jesus was just the Jewish version of the same old god-man, born of a virgin on December 25th, died on a tee, rose from the , etc. During the crisis of 66-70 whent he Romans were destroying Jerusalem for its constant insurrection, the more simple-minded people started believing that what was once just an edifying myth was a real person 30 years ago, and he'd return to save them from the Romans. Paul spread it to Gentiles, and since it had a familiar sound to it, they joined the new Cult.

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    Hang on a sec...I'm an atheist but believe that Jesus probably did exist....Its the sun of god bit and coming back from the dead that I don't believe.

    Jesus was a Jewish preacher and I think there is enough proof around to show that he did exist(as an ordinary human being) and travelled around in the Middle East touting his religion much as they do all over the world today.

    There is a line of thought that says the Romans actually started the son of god story as it suited their purposes to keep the Jews happy...ie give them what they want...if they want to meet the son of god....here he is!

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    I think that Jesus did exist. How ever I don't believe that he was the son of god. My ideas on him are that he was a kind man, a great teacher, an inspiration to some of his people, and a leader. The reasons for deifying him I believe is that the Jews needed a messiah to free them from the oppressive rule of the Romans, and maybe some Jews were not happy with their religion in it's current form at the time. I am in no way going to belittle what he tried to do for his people, but the son of god he was not.

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    Considering History is written by the winner what is really the truth of mankind? Your behaviour and who you are is based on your surroundings. But if what you have learn ed and who you are is based on history written by the winner then is the way you think and act correct?

    What you want to hear is that is was all created in order to start the Christian religion. To put fear in people so they can be controlled. And the Catholic church has done a good job in doing that. However you should base your beliefs in Jesus Christ not on the errors of the Catholic Church but on what you feel to be right. If you take the time to slow down your life you begin to see things you never noticed before. A lot of people call them coincidence's but there are far to many of them once you begin to notice them to just call them coincidences.

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    Reality Check !! Guess what BUD ???!!!

    Jesus does exist.

    Regarding the quotes from the historian

    Josephus about Jesus

    Flavius Josephus was a Jewish priest at the time of the Jewish Revolt of A.D. 66. He was captured by the Romans, imprisoned, set free and then retired to Rome where he wrote a history of the Jewish Revolt called the "Jewish War." Later he wrote "Antiquities" as a history of the Jews. It is in Antiquities that he mentions Christ. The mention is called the Testimonium Flavianum (Ant. 18.63-64; see below). Josephus was born in Jerusalem around 37 A.D. He died around the year 101.

    The problem with the copies of Antiquities is that they appear to have been rewritten in favor of Jesus as they are very favorable, some say too favorable to have been written by a Jew. Add to this that the Christians were the ones who kept and made the copies of the Josephus documents throughout history and you have a shadow of doubt cast upon the quotes.

    However, all is not lost. First of all, there is no proof that such insertions into the text were ever made. They may be authentic. The Testimonium is found in every copy of Jesusphus in existence. Second, Josephus mentions many other biblically relevant occurrences that are not in dispute (see outline below). This adds validity to the claim that Josephus knew about Jesus and wrote about Him since he also wrote about other New Testament things. Nevertheless, though there may be some Christian insertions into the text, we can still reconstruct what may have been the original writing.

    Two researchers (Edwin Yamauchi and John P. Meier)1 have constructed a copy of the Testimonium with the probable insertions in brackets and underlined. The following paragraph is Yamauchi's:


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    I tend to believe that Jesus existed as a Preacher in his time. I think that he was used after his death to fulfill the Hebrew prophecy as the Messiah. It was understood that such a charismatic character would usher in a new faith and it did.

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    My friend, check your sources again. Whoever told you that Jesus never existed is very very ignorant. Are you sure you want to be associated with such a person? People would laugh at you for that!

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    Probably Jesus was the best alternative to the Pagan religions of 2000 years ago! - now we are stuck with it!

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