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are coyotes killing too many deer in pa ?

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    odds are one coyote will not kill a deer, a pack of coyotes will we found one in our hay field last year that looked like it was killed by coyotes there was blood sprayed everywhere and what looked like dog tracks everywhere.

    douglas has a good point though, the game comission did more damge to the deer population then coyotes will ever do. and for everyone who says there are more deer now then there ever where are full of crap. get out of the urban areas like philly and pittsburgh and get up to potter and clinton counties and check them out, you used to be able to spot up there and count 70-100 deer easy now if you see 15-20 it was a really good night of spotting. same as hunting you could go out and see 10-20 deer easy every day, i only seen 11 all archery season and the first week of rifle here i haven't seen anything alive.

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    I have seen coyotes eat fawns, I have never seen them eat a full sized deer but I am sure they would. I have hunted and lived in PA all my life 40+ and the deer population is starting to go down but that is what the game commission is trying to do. I Know where I live we took a huge hit on EHD this year killing more bucks than does, but there is still some nice ones out there. GOOD LUCK

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    I have noticed a big decline in deer population in PA. Coyotes can be one of the many problems killing all the deer as their population have grown immensely. The other problems can be blamed on the PA Game Commission. They have released Fisher Cats (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisher_%28animal%29) which prey not only on small game and eggs, but also baby deer. It has been witnessed by hunters in the field. At my family cabin near Clarion, I have heard the Fisher Cats at night; screeching and barking because of the dogs we had with us. The PA Game Commission also approved of poison crop dusting to help carve the population. Lastly, they changed the antlerless gun hunting season to be merged with the regular (buck) gun season. A few years back, there was a 3 day doe season and also the regular buck season. Now that the doe season is a full week during the same time, more does are being taken. These are all issues that the PA Game Commission refuses to take care of even after my multiple attempts to warn them about the drop in population. We have Ed Rendell to thank, he hired in his Game Commission buddies and they go forward with their liberal agenda.

    Edit: Right on rerun86. Because my family has the luxury of owning a cabin and 25 acres of land next to the state game lands, I hunt in PA even though I live in Ohio. I drive all the way up from Cincinnati Ohio to hunt in Clarion PA and I didn't see a single deer while hunting this year; only while driving/spotting over last weekend.

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    I don't know if they are killing too many deer. There are a lot of deer in PA as well as the rest of the country. However, because there aren't many hunters actively hunting coyotes there are just to many coyotes. Most hunters will shoot a coyote if they happen to see one while hunting something else. When you start seeing more coyotes than deer.....you have a real problem. Right now I think there is not a proper balance between the deer and coyotes...more coyotes need to be hunted.

    Coyotes are very brazen. They will go after livestock and your pets. They have even been seen taking pet dogs right out of the hands of the dogs owners.

    When this happens there are too many.

    I don't think there is a season on Coyotes in PA........but check the regs first. Coyote hunting can be a good way to keep busy and hone your hunting skills during the off season before and after deer season. It's a lot of fun.......and a good hide can be worth $65.00 -$100.00 And if you hunt coyotes on a ranch or a farm........chances are the farmer will let you hunt deer on his farm or ranch as well.

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    I talked to a friend this morning who is a Game Biologist for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. He told me there haven't been any cases of Coyote related Deer kills yet this year. He did say that a lot of Deer are dying from EHD disease, but now that there have been a few frosts, the Gnats/Midges that spread this disease to Deer have died off completely

    Source(s): Gunsmith/Gun Shop Owner-Dealer Avid Hunter-Deer Hunter/U.S. and Canada NRA LIfe Member 40 Years Hunting Experience
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    No. and all this bs by Mr. Ohio above about no deer, that's crap too. Maybe if he got out a little more he'd see more game, there's plenty of deer, and in northern PA, I've seen more deer this year then previous years. And the population of mature shooter bucks has greatly increased.

    THe only concern this year was the EHD, which as someone stated, ended with the first frost. And the guy above talking about 70-100 deer? get real those numbers haven't existed for decades .


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    I have seen coyotes chase full sixed deer in the winter but never a confirmed kill, i think they hope a deer will fall and get injured. they do get there share of fawns in the spring.

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    No. There are deer everywhere here. And most deer are too big and can outrun a coyote. Coyotes are mainly scavengers.

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    Why? Did you get your trusty Red Ryder with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time early this year??? lol

    Here in GA they are more likely to kill your pets than deer.

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    Absolutely NOT.**

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