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Help! How can I remove purple permanent Sharpie marker from upholstered chair?

The chair is a woven fabric of some kind, medium to dark sage in color. I do not want to set the stain with the wrong cleaning agent. Thanks


I just used hairspray and it worked... Almost instantly! It did not stain the fabric.

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    I have used peroxide to remove marker stains. Let it drop by drops on the stain, as it soaks rub gently with a white absorbent cloth to remove the colour. Hope it works for you. Cecilia

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    Try some rubbing alcohol...

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    sorry dear it is permanent thats why they use em at the dry cleaners

    Source(s): someone just told me alcohol may work be careful
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    hey try nail polish remover it might work! that's what i would try!

    Source(s): opinion.
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