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IN LoVe WIT My EX??????

is it wrong for me to still b in love wit my ex???


its been about 3 months. we are still really good friends n he has a girlfriend, but i just can't seem to get over him.

Update 2:

so can i possible get him back??

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    no...its not wrong. It just makes things complicated. i still love my ex even after he cheated on me. i can't figure out why but i do. just don't let it affect your relationships. trust sucks and you not only hurt the person you're with you also hurt yourself.

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    It is not wrong of you to still care for your ex and be FRIENDS, but if he has a newgirlfriend now and you act on your feelings than yes it is wrong. Remeber he is your Ex now.

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    You'll not get over him if you continue seeing him this time as "friends" . Stop fooling yourself, you cannot be his friend so fast, give yourself time and distance to heal and forget about him, stop being masochist seeing him as a "friend", respect yourself, stay away from him, that's the only way you can finish that business: c'mon, move on!

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    I think when you love someone, you will always love them. But if he has moved on with someone else, then you need to let it be. If not, maybe see how he feels. If the feeling is still mutual maybe it can be worked out.

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    how long has it been? Is it your first love? NOT ENOUGH INFO>

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    no, how long have you guys been broken up? why did you guys break up? details

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